1. Makeup

Say goodbye to expired, unused, and hated products on your shelf. If you haven’t reached for it in the last few weeks, toss it!

2. Clothes

Like makeup, it’s time to purge those garments left unworn, stuffed in the back of the drawer, or in the “seasonal” bin which never see the light of day…no matter the weather. 

3. Unused Hair Products

Seriously, do you need 5 bottles of “different” hair gel? Find the products that work and return, throw away or give the others to a friend. 

4. Subscriptions

I realized I didn’t need Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and basic cable. It was time to choose. After four years of not having tv, I decided to take the plunge and purchase basic cable channels again. Since I’m able to watch live tv, I can say goodbye to Hulu- well, as soon as I’m finished binge-watching Private Practice. By narrowing down the website, beauty, digital, business and entertainment subscriptions I have I’m saving quite a bit of money per month. I didn’t realize how much I was spending on these and justifying it as “saving money” from having cable or buying xyz.

5. Unread books

Stop denying it. You’re never going to read that book. Stop kidding yourself. It’s been on the shelf since last August. Take a few minutes (or hours, days, whatever floats your boat depending on how large your collection is) and sort through your library. It’s okay if you have 3 books or 333. The point, make sure the books you own are ones you are going to utilize. If not, sell them, host a book swap party, donate them to hospital libraries, children’s shelters, teachers.


6. Papers

Get rid of all the unneeded papers. Be sure to shred the documents with important information on them. Without a shredder? No worries, cut or tear the paper into smaller pieces before recycling.

7. Childhood memories

Before you toss out the bins or folders of priceless childhood memories (and before angry moms email me) hear me out. Old school projects, tests, report cards, stories, crafts, etc. can take up space- a lot of space. Instead of moving bins and boxes around every few months get creative and pin down what you really want to keep. See if you can make a scrapbook, storybook, collage,  memory box, blanket, or another fun craft to house and display all of those accomplishments and childhood memories. By displaying and creating something out of memories, will not only free up space, declutter and reduce allergens but this will add something to already meaningful things. Plus, this is a great gift idea!

8. Kitchen gear

Seriously, I don’t need 6 sets of plates when I only use 2 of the sets of them during the year. Do I need 6 of almost the same bowls? No. 

9. electronics

Go through batteries, game devices, etc. I was surprised to see how many pairs of broken earbuds I had. 

10. cords

Are you sure you use that mangled iPhone cord? What about the box cables sitting in the garage? I didn’t realize how many cords/ cables I had in my house. I filled up an entire bin of them and oddly enough, I still have no idea what they all go to. 

11. DVD’s

Talk about a great time to go through a DVD collection. Great new home for your loved DVD’s are shelters. Call the local women’s or children’s shelter to see if they are accepting donations. While you’re at it, give the library a call too. They may be looking for additional copies of the movie you’re looking to toss.  

12. linens

Okay fine, maybe I don’t need 4 pairs of the same style towels. I mean it’s not like I have 30 bathrooms in my home where I can justify the number of linens I had. 

13. Self-doubt

Seriously, get rid of it.

14. Excuses

Either do it or don’t. You’re only hurting yourself. 

15. old recordings on your DVR

Those unwatched shows are taking up valuable space in your DVR. Watch or delete the movies, kid’s shows, etc. you’re never going to watch again. You’ll be surprised how satisfying going through the DVR will make you feel.

16. unused apps

Think of all the room those once opened apps are taking up. You could be storing more music, photos, and notes with the amount of spaced those apps are taking up. My rule of thumb is, if I haven’t opened the app in a week I won’t use it. The only exception I have is for my train pass app.

17. filler words

It’s like really annoying when people use these words like all the time to like talk. It’s like wow okay that’s like so overdone and like totally not interesting to hold a conversation with someone who like uses that many filler words. See what I mean? I could have easily communicated my thought without all of those “like” words thrown in the mix.

18.Toxic people/ relationships

Pack their bags, move them out, block them from your phone and social media, cut contact- just get RID of them! You don’t need this toxicity, sweetie. 


Bonus item: make sure all of your spices and CONDIMENTS are not expired. If you’re anything like me, I forget about these things until I reach for mayo or basil and it’s expired-so, Make sure all your food and spices aren’t.

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