I love reading blog posts with activity suggestions…except for when something that sounds incredible turns out to be thousands of dollars or consists of waiting 4-6 weeks for shipping. I compiled a list of 5 activities you could do today without spending a penny. I sugget trying these out on your next day off or when you’re bored and looking for somethign to do. You can even try a no-spend challenge with your friends or loved ones.

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Signup for a library card

If your local public library is close to where you are, walk, bike or scooter your way over and browse the bookshelves. The library is a fantastic free resource to catch up on the latest books, check out magazines, graphic novels, cds, dvds, and more. Some libraries are offering virtual (while transition back to in-person) events and classes. I’ve started prioritizing reading again and after two weekends in a row at the bookshop, my bank account appreciates the model of public libraries. We have access to hundreds and thousands of books for free. My TBR (to be read) pile has a lot of books that were adapted into movies/tv shows, so I appreciate my local libraries prioritizing their stock and obtaining more copies. I’m currently making my way through the Shadow & Bone Grishaverse series. I’m a few chapters into Six of Crows.


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Writer a letter

A few months ago I spent a Saturday afternoon letter writing. Honestly, it was a whole Jane Austen vibe. I was surprised at the benefits of letter writing and how much joy this simple activity brought me. You can read this post to see how I used a wax seal and my long term goal for making letter writing more sustainable.

Introduce yourself/reconnect with your neighbors

It’s been quite a long winter and year isolating from everyone. Take this time to reacquaint yourselves with those in your neighborhood. I’ve loved connecting with my neighbor Amanda. We go for morning walks together and talk about life. It’s nice to have a friend so close to home. I know it may feel embarrassing not to know your neighbors name—especially if you’v lived in your home for a few years. But, take this time to embrace that. Leave a letter in your neighbor’s mailbox introducing yourself and address that you both have lived on the block for a while, which is why you’re properly reaching out. If you know your neighbors in passing and want to deepen the relationship, knock on their door and ask what their social distancing boundaries are. Maybe you can plan a driveway hang or a masked up walk! Thank you!  

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Join the #SweatLife

lululemon offers free virtual classes to those who have access to a smart device and internet. Their store locations also have classes and events. Although, with the pandemic they may be limited spaces and/or exclusively online. Click here to lookup where your closest store is that hosts free classes.

Create a scavenger hunt around town

Look up or create your own list of things to see and “hunt”. Take out a piece of paper or the notes section of your phone and be specific. This will be what you need to search for while walking/biking/running/driving around your town.

What are your favorite no-spend activities? Tell me in the comment section, below this post.

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