The Joy Bar is a new small business located in the heart of Glen Ellyn. “The Joy Bar is a local business started by two women with a love for health, wellness, and community. [They] serve healthy, delicious eats, which are made to make you feel good inside and out.” This hotspot has been the talk of the town since its opening. I fell in love with the sunny space, comfortable seating, yummy food, delicious drinks, coffee, strong wifi, and eco-friendly containers (made from recycled plastic). The Joy Bar has quickly become my go-to for Monday morning work sessions and work meetings. The atmosphere is exiting and inspiring.

Smoothie Bars near Glen Ellyn Illinois

My favorite menu items so far, are as follows:

  • The “revitalized” joy juice

  • The “hot shot” power shot

  • The “peaceful” smoothie with half a banana instead of a full (I like it less creamy)

  • Gluten-free “the trinity” toast with bananas and strawberries sliced on top

Healthy Eating Spots near Glen Ellyn and Wheaton, Illinois

The Joy Bar Smoothie and Juice Review

While the Joy Bar is on the more pricy side, the atmosphere, delicious options, and mood boost from choosing healthy fuel for your body outweighs the cost. Note, for those with a peanut or gluten allegory (like me), there is cross contamination that occurs on the preparation stations. This is NOT a 100% gluten-free or top allergen friendly place to eat and drink. That being said, please communicate ANY AND ALL allergies to the team (as well as anywhere else you may eat) so they can sanitize the stations, put gloves on, and create a space that is away from where you may have an increased risk of cross contamination.

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