I love goal setting and planning. I have for as long as I can remember. My friend Gina creates monthly intentions and shares them on her blog and social media. I love tuning in each month to see what she has to say and it has inspired me to make intentions this month. I wasn’t really sure how to set a monthly intention. My goals/ intentions are already set and more long term. I struggled with setting these and I think this new monthly practice is just what I need to remember life can be more spontaneous and fun. It doesn’t have to be all work and injury rehabilitation for me. I often get into routines and rhythms and have a hard time adjusting to anything other than what I have set. This is a great way for me to practice healthy and responsible spontaneity!

My September Intentions:

  1. find a hobby.

  2. Attend 2 of the free lululemon yoga classes.

  3. be more confident in saying “no” to people.

  4. be more patient with myself.

  5. take more deep, full breaths during the day

  6. learn how to meditate.

  7. smile at strangers.

Photo: Brigitte Tohm

Photo: Brigitte Tohm

Gina’s intention worksheet

I love the worksheet Gina created as a starting point/ guide. I used this to ask myself a few tough questions and I’m including my answers below to document how I evolve over the course of the month/ year of doing this. I encourage you to jot them down in a journal, comment them on this post or save and print her worksheet out, too! What I’ve found is in the midst of growth, we may appear stuck or have blinders on with ourselves, but a year from now, when we look back, we see just how much we have changed. I always love being able to re-read where I once was and use it as a reminder of how I have grown and what I have learned.

Guide Questions:

  1. What Activities make you happy?

    Writing, listening to music, phone calls with Rachel, working out with Mike, laying on my deck with the dogs while listening to the Mission Church podcast.

  2. What Matters Most To You?

    Growth and self- development, my health- making sure I do everything I’m supposed to do and everything I can to continue healing from my TBI. Being a good person and helping others. Loving people despite their flaws and being someone who allows others to reciprocate that love.

  3. What is no longer serving you?

    My self- doubt, being scared of rejection and telling people what it is I want and how I’m feeling. I don’t really share those with people and it often backfires.

  4. What are you grateful for?

    Each new day, having people I love and who love me in my life, the freedom to write and share my thoughts, the progress I’ve made in my TBI journey, and fresh air.

  5. What is a word, quote or mantra that resonates with you right now?

Quite a few actually. The past few months it has been “step into the daylight and let it go.” I also published a creative writing piece inspired by this phrase. Read “Step Into The Daylight + Let It Go”, here!

I’ve also really gravitated towards Taylor Swift’s new album, Lover. Below is a blurb that really stands out to me and summarizes the previous season in my life and shines a light on what is to come in this new walk of life.

In my feelings more than Drake, so yeah
Your name on my lips, tongue tied
Free rent, livin’ in my mind
But then something happened one magical night

I forgot that you existed
And I thought that it would kill me, but it didn’t
And it was so nice
So peaceful and quiet

I forgot that you existed
It isn’t love, it isn’t hate
It’s just indifference

— I Forgot That You Existed | Taylor Swift

Beginning of the month goal/ intention setting and worksheet

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