I made a spur of the moment decision to get a tattoo. I’ve wanted this for awhile now but the timing always seemed to be off. On my way home from the doctor’s, I decided to go for it. I was feeling pretty incredible and in awe of how amazing God truly is. After 9 months of struggling with my head injury, I finally saw results of improvement in what seems like a never-ending recovery. Shoutout to @mikeyswell and @zaneroebuck (find them at Midwest Strength + Performance) for helping me and really pushing me these past few months. While I still have a ways to go, I am reminded of how powerful God is and with Him, I can handle anything and everything coming my way.⠀

I decided on the cross for a few reasons: ⠀
1. I love Jesus.⠀
2. When I was in the first few months of recovery I felt helpless and hopeless. I felt lonely, sad, and scared, on top of my physical pain. When friends stopped talking to me, when I lost my job, when I couldn’t attend church, volunteer or participate in the activities I loved, there was one constant that never left me. While I was in incredible amounts of pain and felt betrayed, I knew the only one who truly understood what I was feeling is Jesus. He knows what it feels like to be left out, and to hurt. It brought me comfort knowing I wasn’t truly alone.⠀ ⠀

I chose this placement because I look and use this part of my body daily. When I’m working out, taking photos, driving, clapping, shopping, etc. I see this portion of my body. Most importantly, when I am writing I see this part of me the most. With each pen stroke and glance down at my keyboard, I will see this tattoo- my permanent reminder that I chose Jesus, and will continue to choose Him every single day. With each word I write, it will honor Him, and the work I complete with my hands will be for Him. ⠀

My tattoo acts as a reminder of how I want to live. I want to live as boldly, passionately, and faithfully as Jesus.⠀

This is one of my favorite photos I have taken because it shows the two things I am never without- Jesus and a notebook.

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