It’s no secret worship playlists are my go to… well, those and anything with Taylor Swift on it 😉 Since I was a little girl I’ve always felt the most connected to God through the melody of a song. I felt like God and I always had our strongest moments in chapel or worship nights- the lyrics of a song were His instrument of communication to me, and they still are. My routine over the past few years is playing one of my many Spotify playlists or friends’ throughout the day. No matter what I’m going through or what my life looks like, I prioritize hearing these songs and singing affirms how God always has my best interest at heart. I used to listen to worship music exclusively when I was going through a rough time, but I realized how silly that is. I thought listening more frequently would lose my understanding of circumstances, and moments with God wouldn’t be as strong or special. But, that was all fear talking. In fact, my relationship with God has skyrocketed because I listen to worship music daily. I’m not always able to open my Bible and read His words, but I am able to put headphones in when completing stressful work tasks, or hit play on a certain album while driving. I noticed this week a new thing I’ve been doing is putting my playlist on before bed- my quality of sleep is just so much better when I do this. To be honest, I’ve been having really bad nightmares lately and waking up multiple times in the middle of the night. I find that falling asleep to worship music (even after saying prayers) gives me even more peace of mind knowing the Lord is watching over me while I sleep.

The first hour and the last hour of my day I am especially mindful of meeting God with a melody. I feel like these two times are the most crucial for me. While I can of course still meet God throughout the day, these two times seem more vulnerable, and meaningful in my day. I’m able to set the tone for how I want to operate over the course of the next however many hour day, and then reflect on all of God’s goodness- turning whatever happened that day over to Him, giving me peace of mind before bed.

Today I’m sharing the mini- playlist, “Pray in the fight and watch it turn”, and including some of the songs I feel are most powerful in my current season. I’m in an interesting spot right now but God is honestly so so so good- which is making this okay. As crazy as the days may be, I truly feel at peace because I know His way is better than anything I could ever imagine or plan out. The songs below are ones that can’t help but make me smile and affirm my belief, love, and admiration for The Lord. For those who listen to Christian radio stations, you might be familiar with these. If you’re looking to discover new music, I highly recommend checking out the Spotify Christian playlists. There are so many new artists, and older songs that I’ve heard from the first time because of those staff curated playlists. There are also quite a few podcasts on the platform, if that’s your cup of tea.

I pray these songs bless you, and reach you in whatever season you are in right now. I’m also sharing a few of the lyrics from each song that has really spoken to my heart. I encourage you to give these songs a listen and pay attention to the words!

the Worship songs I listen to daily + mean the most to me right now:

Even When The Fight Comes – Hillsong Young & Free

Even when the world caves
Even when the fight calls
Even when the war’s waged
I’ll take heart

I won’t let the storm weather my heart
Won’t let the darkness beat me down
Sing in the night my hope alive in You

I’ll pray through the fire and not be burned
Pray in the fight and watch it turn
Jesus tonight I give it all to You

Another In The Fire – Hillsong UNITED

Either way I won’t bow to the things of this world
And I know I will never be alone

And I can see the light in the darkness
As the darkness bows to Him
I can hear the roars in the heavens
As the space between wears thin
I can feel the ground shake beneath us
As the prison walls cave in
Nothing stands between us

So come what may in the space between
All the things unseen and this reckoning
And I know I will never be alone

There’ll be another in the fire
Standing next to me

Born Again – Cory Asbury

You’re the only friend that can set my soul at ease

In the quiet pride of my Father’s eyes
I remember who I am
And when I feel the warmth of my Father’s smile
Feels like I’ve been born again

Realign my heart and
Help me keep the first things first

City on a hill – Casting Crowns

Each one thought that they knew better
But they were different by design
Instead of standing strong together
They let their differences divide

And the Father’s calling still
Come home
To the city on the hill

I don’t wanna go – Chris renzema

Like David and the temple
I wanna bring You praise
But like David and his temple plans
Your ways are not my ways
You don’t need me to build a temple to know that You love me still

It’s through the wild you make a way
I will go where You go, I will stay where You stay

I don’t wanna go if You’re not going before me

Like Moses in the desert I can’t fully see Your plan
Still Your love doesn’t stop when I see the land from the mountaintop

Like Peter on the hill I wanna make this my place

Anywhere You are, I wanna be there
It’s written on my heart, You’re all I’ve ever needed
It’s written on my soul, You’re all I’ve ever needed

But like Jesus in the garden You don’t call where You won’t lead

I wanna love like You love
Wanna bleed like You bleed

How To Be Yours – Chris Renzema

So love Me or hate Me
I’m not going anywhere
Leave Me or take Me
You still bear My signature
Know Me or not
Seen or forgot
I’m not walking out on you

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