Designated advertisement space available for brands/companies to list current or upcoming offerings, products, campaigns, or events.

Advertisements run in quarterly (3-month) blocks––which is also the minimum commitment required to place an ad on

Packages are also available in 6, 12, and 18-month increments.


In-Article & Sidebar
Ethical Shopping Guide

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Ad placements:


Banner ads are placed on the homepage of Also available for placement on relevant pages if requested.

In-Article & Sidebar

Blog post advertisement includes a campaign of in-article (in between the text blocks of a post) and on the sidebar.

Ethical Shopping Guide

Listings are available for your business/company to be included in the ethical shopping guide, pending requirements are met.

Blog Campaign

A blogging campaign with consists of a creative strategy to support a company’s current marketing initiatives around a product or service.

Key differences between running a traditional in-house (by your company/staff) marketing campaign and a blogging campaign are the timeline, audience, and messaging.

Original high-quality content is created for my blog and social media channels, exposing the company to my audience. This personalization establishes trust and brand awareness which leads to most company’s campaign goal of sales conversion.

All campaigns include:

  • Blog Post
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Content Creation (Photos/Video)
  • & More
Available For:

6,12,& 18 Months

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Businesses with online purchasing capabilities

Previous Partnerships include


Copywriting services are available for hire along the subjects of conscious living, sustainability, and the ethics of business.

If you are interested in email ethics, sustainability, or wellness business reports. an, please make this clear in your email as these are more projet base and I only take on a few per year.

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Business Report

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