my Favorite Interior Design Trends for storing Wine

Pinterest is my favorite platform, hands down. I love all the craft ideas, house trends, and outfit inspiration. I have a board for what seems like everything. My favorite and actually most popular is my “Interior” board. I’ve noticed lately a lot of trends and cool DIY’s I’ve been pinning have to do with kitchen/ wine/ entertaining. I thought I would share a few of my favorite photos- maybe they can inspire you in your latest renovation or spark a fun weekend project!

Bar Carts

Bar carts are not only functional, but trendy. They are a great way to store all those glasses, bottles, and accessories while bringing another element to the room. People are more and more creative with their bar cart displays, which I love! A few of the images below are trends that I absolutely adore. From wooden bar cart materials, to a statement wall, there are endless ways to incorporate bar carts into your home. Don’t be afraid to style these storage pieces and accessorize to make them a focal point of the room.

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Kitchen Storage

There are so many cool wine storage ideas on Pinterest. I love how creative wine lovers are with storing bottles and creating displays! From separate wine fridges, built in displays, drawer, storage, and more- these are my picks for creative, functional, and chic kitchen wine storage ideas.

I particularly love the built in counter wine cooler. One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is putting ice in their drink- watered down wine… yuck! This is a great way to control the temperature of your wine and maintain that- click here for what the proper wine temperature is for red and white wine. I think it’s especially helpful for parties when you need multiple bottles and they’re being passed around and consumed at various points of the event.

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Cellars/ nooks/ other interiors

Some of the photos below were taken from homes, others I think would be a good addition to a home- especially for the wine lovers who have more than a few bottles and don’t plan on slowing down with their bottle collection anytime soon. For the beautiful labels or bottles you REALLY want to showcase, I like open shelving or bookcase style displays. Not only are they visually appealing, but they are a great conversation starter when entertaining.

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