It’s important to know the difference between a red and white wine glass for an optimal drinking experience. These glass types differ in size, shape, and overall functionality. Red vs white wine glasses are designed and intended to hold two different styles of wine. Typically, red wine glasses have a larger bowl which helps the taster receive the full benefits of the bottle contents. Reds in general are a bolder wine, which requires a larger bowl to properly direct the aromas and flavor to the taster. While of course you can put red and white in the same type of glass and having two different wine glasses are not necessary, it is recommended- especially to those who are more serious drinkers. The improper glassware does indeed restrict the tasting experience and enjoyability of wine. When red wine is consumed from a smaller white wine glass, the wine can be more overwhelming. When tasting white wine from a red wine glass, the white wine can get lost in the large bowl. The aromas of the glass can be more difficult to pickup. The proper size wine glass balances the aromas of the wine and allows for easier consumption as wine is very much a multi-sense experience including sight, smell, and taste.

*When describing the glass as “smaller”, this is not referring to the height, but rather the size of the wine glass’ bowl.


Wine Glasses For Red Wine

Back in 2015, Pioneer Woman had a conversation with John Blazon, a master Sommelier, former Wine Director of Walt Disney World, and current VP of Sales at Spire Collection. John explains the reason red and white wine have specific glasses is because “the surface area of the glass is responsible for bringing the flavors to the tongue along with other elements of the glass, like shape, surface area, and the lip”. He continues with explaining how “an oaky and tannin-rich glass of red wine [poured in] a smaller, narrow glass would be startling” because it comes across as “a train hitting your tongue; the bold flavors of the red wine are too overwhelming” for the sense to handle and properly taste.

wine tip:

how to decide which wine glass to use

The smaller shaped glass bowl is ideal for white wine.
The larger shaped glass bow is ideal for red wine.

wine glasses for white wine

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