A few months ago I was battling a bad case of imposter syndrome. I was at a blogger event and felt like an absolute fake. These women were sharing how they monetize their website and how much revenue they have generated from affiliate links, ad space, and other partnerships. I felt like I was doing something wrong. The looks I was given when I said I’m not interested in publishing content only surrounded by those things was shocking. But, as I’ve reminded myself that’s not the reason why I started blogging and only pushing products and building links isn’t what inspires me or brings me closer to the community. In fact, I don’t really consider myself a blogger because I don’t feel like it justifies what the other blogger in the industry do, and I don’t want to minimize or accidentally disrespect all of the planning, and hard work that goes into their digital businesses. I’m a writer looking to share my thoughts, and passions while hoping something I say resonates with another.

When I made the decision 6 years ago to start this corner of the web, I was looking for a space to share what mattered to me. I was looking for a safe space to learn, grow, and connect with others.

January was my 6 year blog anniversary and I didn’t want to go out and purchase balloons and post on social media like the Instagram trend. It wasn’t because I didn’t/ don’t care about my website— that’s not the case. I don’t feel the need to upsell this website. This corner of the web is me, Macaila Britton. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay! I’m a Jesus loving, social justice advocate, fitness lover, and so much more. I don’t want to curate content I could lose myself in. I don’t want to have article after article with affiliate links and roundup my favorite this and my favorite that. I love the bloggers who share their favorite things and create those roundup posts- they help me and so many others, but that isn’t my style or what I feel called to do with my digital property at this time.

The month of January I threw out the “2020 playbook” I drafted, and decided to reflect on myself. I thought back on the years and what I truly love about blogging. I re-read my first post, decided which articles are my favorites, and read the ones that transported me back in time. This website is my digital diary. These digital pages inspire me to be me- to learn, and not be afraid to grow. Reading old articles reminded me of how much I have developed. I love revisiting topics I once thought I knew everything there is to know about. It’s a great reminder to me that no matter how old I am, I can always learn from previous seasons, and lessons in life. Since my head injury I have struggled with my memory and the thing that helped me the most through that season was this website. I was able to go back and remember parts of my life that vanished from memory. I was able to pinpoint similarities in my writing and remind myself that just because I feel and look different, doesn’t mean that I am.

The Lord showed up and provided for me in big ways these last few years and I never shared that on here. I decided instead of posting articles that are “trendy”, I will start to share more of my life- and do this on my own timeline. I doesn’t matter to me if this interferes with brand sponsorships or others wanting to collaborate. What matters most is connecting with other human who are going through similar things that I am or know someone who is- the people who are looking for connection and authenticity. This blog- my blog- is a space on the internet where you don’t have to have it all figured out, and where you can come ready to learn about various things.

My favorite thing about the internet is how we’re able to access the entire world at our fingertips. We’re able to minister, befriend, and love others we may otherwise not have the privilege of coming face to face with in our lifetime.

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What to expect in 2020

  • I have so many amazing plans for this space in 2020. One thing I’m particularly proud of is what I’m sharing in February and March. These two months are incredibly important to me because they symbolize something deeper than a new month. February is known for the month of love with Valentine’s Day, but I’m widening the sense and examining love in different ways, and opening the dialogue for the first time about mental health. I’m sharing stores and conversations of those I admire regarding this topic, in addition to my own journey.

  • March is also brain injury awareness month and I’m writing my story. I’m not going to be afraid of the potential negative commentary for sharing this. In fact, it was others who bravely shared their journey that helped me feel less alone and more like myself again.

  • I’m throwing out the schedule. I’m not going to be posting a certain amount of times per week/ month. When I want to share, I will!

  • There may not be all professional photography. Lately I’ve been loving more raw and real iPhone photos. The less than perfect photo truly captures the moment, and that to me is perfect!

  • Some days I’m going to share my favorite local spots and brands. Other days I’m going to share thoughts, lessons, and what I’m learning. I can’t wait for all of our future discussions. The comment section and my email inbox is always open to you, friend!

To any other bloggers/ writers out there who are feeling self-consciouss or like an imposter for choosing a different path for their digital space, I understand and encourage you to pursue what works for Y-O-U! Being a write
r doesn’t mean you need to chase the dollar. Writing comes from the heart— so, follow yours.

– Peace & Blessings-

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