January 20, 2021 a day forever marked in history and my life. Today, I see representation as a woman AND brain injury survivor in America. 

100 years ago the 19th Amendment was passed within the United States, allowing women to have the right to vote. I found it bone- chilling and beautiful how in 2020 in celebration of the anniversary, I would cast my vote for who would today be inaugurated as our first ever Madam Vice President, Kamala Harris. I voted for Kamala because she represents the presence of women in America. She understands an aspect of what we endure around the country. She knows the generalized pressure, the scrutiny, and inequality we face. But, most importantly, I voted for Kamala because 100 years ago not all women received the right to vote.

This was exclusive to white women and American women are more than that. 

American women are those who identify as women.

Americas women are women of color. 

Photo:    Zoe Ghertner

Photo: Zoe Ghertner

A Brief Timeline of Women’s Voting Rights In America:


The Nineteenth Amendment signed into law


White women eligible to vote


Native American women eligible to vote


Chinese women eligible to vote


Black and Latino women eligible to vote


The Voting Rights Act is amended, protecting “language minority citizens” and their eligibility to vote


The Voting Accessibility for Elderly and Handicapped Act Law is passed. Those with a temporary or permanent disability are eligible to vote

Another reason this election was personal for me is because I am a #traumaticbraininjurysurvivor as is the new President of the United States, Joe Biden. Biden has overcome two brain #aneurysms and works daily to overcome the lifetime limitations. When media bullied his stutter, I found strength in it.  Each lingering second during the debates was his brain works twice as hard to process information. 

Just like mine.

Just like millions of other survivors around the world.

The Biden-Harris presidency proves limitations are not our circumstance.

A TBI can limit us and slow us down, but it will NOT stop us. 

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