T-minus one week until the wedding. Here are last minute skincare tips to help you feel more confident and have clearer skin. I’m talking about face masks, the importance of resting and letting our skin breathe.


Use the hair, body and facial products you know work. Now is not the time to experiment with different facial cleaners, foundation, shampoo or hair color- especially if you have sensitive or acne prone skin. Be mindful to keep up with you skincare routine, as it will help your skin to look even more healthy and glowing on your big day.


Try going a few days prior or the whole week without wearing makeup. This will allow your face to breath and help with clogged pores. Continue using your facial products throughout the day to keep the skin healthy and control the PH levels.


Water is one of the best things when it comes to skincare. Staying hydrated will help keep you looking youthful and radiant. There was a study I read, explaining that drinking water helps minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. If I find the article, I will come back and link it.


If you have a go to facemark, I suggest applying one in the middle of the week. This will reset the skin and will only add to how stunning you will look walking down the isle and in photos. There are also fantastic at home recipes using everyday items such as fruit and honey. Google is a great resource to use!


Getting plenty, if not extra hours of sleep is especially important the week leading up to your wedding. Besides energy, sleep is great for preventing dark circles and bags under the eyes. Sleeping at least 8 full hours of sleep helps with fatigue, bloating and dull skin.

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There you have it, 5 tips for having flawless skin the week before your wedding day. Remember to relax and not to stress yourself out over what still needs to be done. Enjoy the next seven days leading up to the wedding!


I originally wrote this article for Jamie Reinhart Photography.


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