Today I’m grateful to fall prey of reaching for my phone before I can manage to wipe the crusties of sleep from the corners of my eyes because there- in front of my face- was the all caps “this is not a drill” urgency style text from Rachel, relaying that TS8 is here and a new era is upon us. Of course I (very cooly) freaked out with this news and the thoughts came flooding in. As per my pre-album routine, I have created a blank album bracket for you to print and fill in with your favorites from the album. Set your calendars and get ready to stream ‘folklore’ at Midnight Eastern tonight (7/23) in addition to the new music video! Print out the bracket and fill it out as you listen to the album, after your first round of the album, or with a group of (social distant) friends!

here’s what we know about folklore:

  • album tracklist

  • Debut Album Single

  • Branding/ tone

Folklore album tracklist:

  1. the 1

  2. cardigan

  3. the last great American dynasty

  4. exile (featuring bon iver)

  5. my tears ricochet

  6. mirrorball

  7. seven

  8. august

  9. this is me trying

  10. illicit affairs

  11. invisible string

  12. mad woman

  13. epiphany

  14. betty

  15. peace

  16. hoax

    Bonus Track:

  17. the lakes


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lead single:

Taylor is dropping “cardigan” tonight at midnight EST. Here’s what we know about the MV/ song so far.

  • Golden (like daylight).

  • Quarantine produced

  • Swift Styling ™ 

  • Rumored lyrics

Taylor writes this on Instagram: “The music video for “cardigan” will premiere tonight, which I wrote/directed. A million thank you’s to my brilliant, bad ass video team – cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, producer Jil Hardin, executive producer Rebecca Skinner, AD Joe ‘Oz’ Osbourne, editor Chancler Haynes, special effects wizards David Lebensfeld & Grant Miller, and set designer Ethan Tobman. The entire shoot was overseen by a medical inspector, everyone wore masks, stayed away from each other, and I even did my own hair, makeup, and styling 😂”

There are “cardigan” lyrics floating around the internet. This is what the “official” snippet says: 

But I knew you
Playing hide-and-seek and
Giving me your weekends
I knew you
Your heartbeat on the High Line
Once in twenty lifetimes
And when I felt like I was an old cardigan
Under someone’s bed
You put me on and said I was your favorite

Photo: Taylor Swift

Photo: Taylor Swift

Branding + Tone:

  • Black & White

  • all lowercase font

Now that we’ve have the facts, let’s form a hypothesis based on the evidence. I am predicting this album is going to be cozy- sitting with a cup of tea in a cozy Victorian B&B while this album is on vinyl playing in the background as the rain gently falls from the sky, making a faint noise on the window- kind of vibe. The photos remind me of an extended RED era photoshoot. The red album featured fashion that was more “earthy” and “flow-y” like the outfits she is pictured in for this album shoot. While the tone isn’t as vibrant overall in the images as the RED era shoots are, the lack of color reflects the reputation era. Perhaps RED meets reputation through these seventeen songs. As I was reading the track list my mind wandered to what those titles may sound like. I’m so conflicted with how I think the overall album tone is going to sound. Part of me thinks she created a masterpiece of a soft, folk, indie vibe and the other part thinks this could be a more indie rock type of album. Here are a few ideas I have:

The 1

  • This is either going to be very sarcastic like “I’m the 1 you lost or I’m the 1 who was xyz for you”.

  • Could also very much tell like a love story either showing how much someone means to Tay or how much she has realized the relationship means to the other person.

  • Or this could be something like stepping into your destiny- being “the 1” to use your voice, “the 1” to stand up and fight for justice, “the 1” to make a change.


  • I see this as a poli-sci student falling in love- someone who didn’t think their political boldness, and independence could warrant love and they’re walking through campus with books, glasses and pulling the cardigan in tighter- type of vibe.

  • I also see this as a soft love story showcasing the beauty of being someones ‘cardigan’- their favorite sweater- the cozy the seek and feel warm with.

The last great American dynasty

  • Idk but this is going to slap! Maybe a political storytelling like how she did with “Starlight”- like a soft reminisce of the golden age of Hollywood and the politics in that era.


  • Running from something, someone, or punishing herself- creating her own isolation away from loved ones and the world.

My Tears Ricochet

  • This one is going to be a BANGER! I just know it.


  • All I can think of when I read this is the DWTS Mirrorball trophy. Maybe this is her announcement for participating in the next season???


  • I would love for this to be a reflection of the lessons she’s learned and a moment of sharing how she has grown over the course of the last “seven” albums she has produced. I feel like approaching this like a diary entry with a vintage sound as if we’re putting this on a record player and sitting in the parlor listening.


  • Ending vibes?? August marks the end of summer (for parts of the world) and the transition into autumn. This could be written as a winding down of memories- a great time in her life and preparing/ knowing that the next phase/ chapter is nearing day by day and this is the prep for it.

This Is Me Trying

  • Rach and I were talking about how this one is going to be a soft “crying in the shower” type of song where we have to skip unless we’re prepared to start sobbing instantaneously to it- or a hardcore WANEGBT rock vibe with aggression… and no in-between.

Illicit Affairs

  • Instantly Carrie Underwood’s “Chocktow County Affair” started playing in my mind. I feel like this could be a sexier, slowed down, saxophone style song- I’m thinking False God sips tea.

Invisible String

  • This instantly reminded me of previous statements and speeches she has made about her experience with Scooter Bra*n and her former record label. I’m curious to see if this is represented and expanded on in pure emotional way instead of speaking on facts as she has done so in the past. She was a young girl when she signed with the record label and I can’t image the hurt and betrayal she felt learning about Scott’s backstabbing business deal. This could be a summary of hearing the news/ having time to pause and have space away from the drama and hurt associated with this people.

Mad Woman

  • I love how we go from “The Man” to “Mad Woman”. I wonder if this is an AU or continuation of where that song leaves off. Maybe this is the aftermath of how people are reacting to the thought of her putting words to the thought that runs rampant though many women’s minds about the inequality we face over a lifetime- or if this is a more detailed version of “The Man” but from the woman’s point of view- what happens when she does the exact same things as a man and the implications of those decisions.


  • I feel like Epiphany is either going to be really heavy or simplistic in meaning- the epiphany of her life meaning- a moment in time- or the epiphany of needing only her loved ones and nature.


  • All I can think of is baby Tay on the Speak Now Tour singing “Bette Davis Eyes”.


  • Maybe saying goodbye and moving on from a certain event, people, or expectations?


  • No idea- this gives me saxophone/ blues vibes but watch this be a Cruel Summer type of song.

The Lakes

  • I feel like this has deep sentimental value and a written off of an experience/ memory she cherishes. The title feels too specific to be about someone else or a random inspiration versus a deep feeling or association with her boyfriend/ family. Christmas Tree Farm came to mind as this has a similar tittle vive with the description. The song could detail the later years of her life when she moved to Nashville or as an adult if she spent time near the lakes and used that place to find/ develop/affirm who she is and welcome people into that environment.

what do you think? tell me in the comments!

P.S. the prediction of my favorite tracks are: 3, 5, 17, 8, 12, 11, 9, 7, 6, 2, 13, 16, 15, 14, 10, 4 & 1.

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