I’m a fan of Target– like a huuuuge fan. I’m the wander around the isles, just planned how to decorate my home 3 different ways, “I really don’t need this, but I’ll buy it anyway because it’s cute and on sale” kind of Target lover. Honesty, is there anything Target does not sell or can not fix? Doubtful. Sad? Go to Target. Happy? Go to Target. Just got engaged? Go to Target and start a registry. Need a late night snack? Oh- go to Target. From housing Chip and Joanna Gaines’ affordable homeware collection, to the cute new women’s wear, they have it all. I was on Target’s website browsing this season’s “A New Day” collection (because it’s one of my favs) and I saw the ad below…

Targets fights for justice

I was able to recognize “vital voices” based on my social justice background. Purposeful campaigns tend to have similar verbiage and missions. The preview of the t-shirt the model is wearing sparked m interest to learn more. Obviously I clicked on the ad and there I discovered a whole new love for Target. If Target were a man, I’d marry him.


About the collection:

“A New Day and Vital Voices join together to bring you a limited-time collection celebrating the passion, strength & undeniable power of women.” 6 women inspired the collection. Each woman contributes a personal story fueling the mission for justice. Vital Voices “Vital Voices supports fearless women leaders across the globe to amplify their voices and increase their impact in their pursuit of economic empowerment, public and political leadership, and the protection of all human rights.”

Learn more about Vital Voices

These are a few of my favorite items from the collection. I love how they are all inclusive with their sizing they have clothing available in sizes XS to 4X. Plus, there are fun everyday items that I may or may not have added to my cart… don’t judge. I have a weakness for all things Target.

Send me a photo the item you decide to purchase. I’d love to see what stood out to you!

New Target Fashion

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