*Harry Potter voice* IT’S BACK! The go- to look of the early 2000’s, the coveted velour tracksuit is officially back in style and lululemon is helping you restock (or fill in the gaps) of your wardrobe with these essential pieces. From tanks to pullovers and cute scrunches with bows, this new line will help you battle the winter blue and power through those long work from home days in comfy yet appropriate office attire. Most of these pieces can easily transition into your work/ corporate wardrobe. Tuck the tops into your suit pants/ skirts or sport a dressy top and lounge in the velvety leggings and sweatpants… what the Zoom meeting doesn’t know, won’t hurt!

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Shop The Pinked Out Velvet Tracksuit Outfit:

Shop this look:

alternative jean jacket options:

build your wardrobe with the basics:
velour tracksuit edition

The all black look

the all white look

the all black 2.0 look

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something more subtle to ease back into this trend:

shop the Wunder Lounge High-Rise Tight 28″ Velvet

color: garnet

Shop velvet Scrunchies- perfect for stocking stuffers and small gifts!

Shop the Wunder Lounge High-Rise Tight 28″

Color: Velvet

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