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Back in November 2016, I was in Texas. While I was there I stumbled upon the cutest popsicle shop. In Chicago, I haven’t been able to find any popsicle shops- If you know of one in the city or suburb,  please let me know! The pop shop I went to is called Steel City Pops. They have quite a few location in Texas- 12 to be exact. There are other location in Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky as well. 

Inspired by Las Palletas in Nashville, the owner and his family set out to bring the inviting, family friendly and yummy popsicle trend to their neighborhood. I love this shop because I was able to have an experience while I was there. It was more than a restaurant or sweets shop. I was able to create my own popsicle! From the flavor to the sprinkles and everything in between, my dream popsicle came to life. 

After countless hours of praying, planning, working and taste testing, Steel City Pops was born in early 2012!
— Jim, Owner



Sourced Local. Made Local. For Local.



The staff were incredibly friendly and informed about their products. I have a few food allergies and they helped me navigate the menu to create the most delicious allergy friendly popsicle. All of their pops are: gluten free, all natural, naturally sweetened and free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.  


My favorite pops are the fruity ones. I created a simple pop, which hit the spot. Next time you’re around a Steel City Pops location, order the Strawberry pop dipped in milk chocolate, dredged in gluten- free graham cracker crumbs and milk chocolate drizzled on top!


If you have been to Steel City Pops, which is you favorite pop to create? Let me know in the comments!

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