My favorite part about writing is the emotion journey the characters and reader/ viewers goes through during the story. I find inspiration for my character’s emotional journey through curating Spotify playlist (this isn’t sponsored, I promise but @Spotify please sponsor me. I love you). Today, I’m going to share my go-to playlist for helping me explore more dramatic plots and get into the mindset and heart of the fictional lives I am penning.

the one playlist i have on repeat while Writing

Back in my high school my English teacher assigned us to create a playlist inspired by a book of our choosing for a final project and report on why those songs fit our book and the plot. I LOVED this and ever since then this has helped me to get into the mindset of the people I’m writing about and feel what I am expecting them to feel so my writing is authentic and relatable. I’ve linked the playlist at the end of this article, so scroll all the way down if all you want is the link. For those interested in how I select songs, keep reading!

Image: Urban Outfitters

Image: Urban Outfitters

I bring personal aspect to my characters when I ask myself “how would I feel (not think- but feel- very different) if the events happened to me?” By humanizing the character and attaching feelings to the events this depends the fictional person and allows us as writers to best share their story and reach those who may be going through the same journey as the character we’re hoping speaks to someone. When I select music the songs are a reflection of the message my heart interprets their struggle as. I listen to the words and the story within the songs I think best communicate the emotion and immerse myself into this mindset. For example, if someone is going through a heartbreak, I ask myself how would I feel in this situation? Thankfully I’ve never had my heart broken, but I do know what loss feels like and lean into this emotion by exploring it through song.

BONUS TIP: For those struggling to identify emotions or a deeper level of one, google a “feeling wheel” to help guide you!

In the “ Bollywood” playlist linked below, I have included songs that communicate the emotional journey of the story and certain characters. Disclaimer: this playlist isn’t my interpretation of Bollywood or dominated by Bollywood songs. I’m writing a Bollywood script and I didn’t want to title the playlist the film title and give anything away. For those interested in my favorite modern Bollywood bops, click this playlist link to listen with me!

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When selecting music inspired by your story or a certain parachuter listen to the lyrics. What words stand out to you and why? What message and feeling is the song communicating? Your playlist should tell the story to you about what you are trying to develop. The playlist and songs don’t need to make sense to anyone other than you, the writer. If you’re creating a story inspired playlist play with various genres, languages, styles- spoken word, monologue, fast pace, duets, etc. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to curate an inspirational playlist.

Link your Playlist in the comments and I’ll give it a listen!

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