Last September I was inspired by my friend Gina, who shared a blog post with a monthly intentions worksheet attached. I was inspired to apply her principles and dive deeper for my own life and from September- December 2019, I stayed with this routine. Somewhere in the craziness of January 2020, I stopped and forgot about intention setting. Another friend, Locke, shares monthly journal pages of what she is focusing on for the upcoming month and how she plans on transforming her intentions from a notebook page to real life. I think it’s safe to say 2020 isn’t what a lot of people had in mind. From World War III scares, cyber attacks, a global pandemic, specie endangerment, multiple wildfires, cray weather, and more- there’s a lot we’ve collectively experienced and witness in the world.

This morning I had to heavily cancel my third rescheduled trip to Jersey, Channel Island and I’m feeling all the feels. Yesterday as I smelled a hint of autumn in the air, I was inspired to bring this series back and today, I’m grateful for Gina and Locke’s public sharing of their intentions because I need this time to process and set small attainable goals that aren’t tied to a government, the CDC, or anything else that could cause my goals to be swayed. Plus, I need more time for me.

Compared to last year’s mini- series, these posts look A LOT different. I’m having a more difficult time identifying what my intentions are because I would use this as a way to explore the areas around me, try to connect with others, and make new friends. In the pandemic, we can’t really do this- so, below are solo-intentions.

10 Pandemic Appropriate September Intentions:

  1. Share more of my personal writing on the blog

  2. Spend every weekend walking a new route

  3. learn how to make gluten- free biscuits & gravy

  4. have at least a one song dance party, daily

  5. purchase flowers every week from Trader joe’s

  6. take photos of the outdoors as the seasons change

  7. try a new drink on the brewpoint fall menu

  8. remind myself “it’s okay” and believe it when more change happens

  9. allow for more spontaneity in my days

  10. Say “yes”, and…” more

End of the summer sunflower pick

self-Guided intentions:

Gina’s intention worksheet

  1. What Activities make you happy?

    Reading outside, Saturday Brewpoint window coffee pickups with my mom, listening to Taylor Swift with the windows rolled down and the breeze blowing in my face as the dogs stick their head out the window to enjoy the sunshine.

  2. What Matters Most To You?

    Happiness and my family.

  3. What is no longer serving you?

    Loneliness. I’ve noticed that this isn’t a “pandemic only” occurrence and my routine is pretty much the same with friendships as it would be pre-pandemic. I’m welcoming new, mutual- friendships in my life and kindly releasing the one-sided ones.

  4. What are you grateful for?

    I’m grateful for my health and not battling COVID. I’m grateful for a home. I’m grateful for new opportunities coming my way despite the challenging times. I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to wakeup each day and begin again. I’m grateful for the online Christian yoga studio I started and how I’m able to connect with others. I’m grateful for movies and stories.

  5. What is a word, quote or mantra that resonates with you right now?

“By grace, through faith” is a mantra I found myself saying these last few days and feeling extra grateful I serve a God who provides me with endless grace and understanding. I also have found myself exploring (more like diving) into Taylor Swift’s folklore album- “the lakes”, in particular. The song addresses a lot of things I’m working through and pinpoints exactly what I’ve discovered during quarantine. The line “what should be over burrowed under my skin in heart-stopping waves of hurt”. I thought I had healed from some things, but I unintentionally buried it.

I’m not cut out for all these cynical clones
These hunters with cell phones

Those Windermere peaks look like a perfect place to cry
I’m setting off, but not without my muse

What should be over burrowed under my skin
In heart-stopping waves of hurt
I’ve come too far to watch some namedropping sleaze
Tell me what are my words worth

I want auroras and sad prose
I want to watch wisteria grow right over my bare feet
’Cause I haven’t moved in years

— the lakes | Taylor Swift

This time last year I learned about the Enneagram and how this tool helps others know more about themselves (read my post here for the 411). This September I want to spend more time leaning into myself- using the tools I have learned for self- care. In particular, I’m going to spend this month reviewing a guide sheet I worked through with Amy (be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post for the discount she is current offering!). I feel like September is a great month to hit the metaphorical “reset” button and grow into something new. As the weather around us details the seasonal transformation, I want to be in the midst of this as well. So, I think going back to basics and having a solo-staycation/ retreat will be incredibly nourishing to my mind and soul.

The enneagram guide:

If you read this post, you’ll know I’m an Enneagram type one personality aka the moral perfectionist. The guide Enneagram with Amy provided for me, in particular, maps out sections to help me recognize my life more intimately. While I can’t jetsett off to Jersey for 14 days of self-quarantine turned solo-spiritual and self-growth retreat, I can still spend my days diving deeper into getting to know myself.

  • My Core Fear

  • My Core Desire

  • My Self- Image

  • My Core Weakness

  • The Message My Heart Longs To Hear

Last year when I did the Enneagram sessions with Amy, I didn’t thin I’d be revisiting the guided worksheets nearly a year later- or really, at all- but I guess the “never say never” saying is true and when in a pandemic, we re-create the “norm”. The guide #2 Amy provides (for all types- not just 1’s) is what I’m going to use to help me stick to the 10 September intentions I listed at the beginning of this post. The guide is broken up into the following sections which on a deeper level, intertwine with my intentions.

  1. Self- Reflection

  2. The Hidden Side Of Myself

  3. How I Approach My Relationships & Responsibilities/ What They Mean To Me

  4. Two Immediately Applicable Self- Growth Steps

  5. Three Going Deeper Points To Notice Throughout The Month

  6. God’s Message and Reminder To Me

One thing in particular I’ve been struggling with during quarantine is the epitome of the Enneagram One personality and that is, the guide so perfectly outlines, is: “Ones appear well balanced and sure of themselves, but they can suffer from extreme self-criticism, feeling that they are never able to measure up to their own high standards.”

My sessions with Amy helped me to be aware of the “autopilot” mode my personality was on and how I can be more present and not approach my days/weeks/life as a to-do list I need to achieve by checking everything off. I’m so used to goals and intentions being about what I can do, should do, or feel I need to do, that I easily lose the “fun” part of life. My September intentions are leaning into the awareness Enneagram With Amy sessions brought me and how to this day, I’m able to identify when I’m headed down a danger anxiety zone based on how I’m criticizing myself or structuring my days. My 10 September intentions are ideas and tasks set to help remind me that life isn’t about chasing the “next” or needing to be someone who looks good on paper.

I highly recommend exploring a session with Amy to discover the aspects about yourself that are dying to be explored this season! Amy isn’t a therapist, which is great for those who are more apprehensive or disinterested in the intimacy of sharing their journey. Think of Amy as a guide, explaining the map you’re reading in your life’s journey. She provides tools, encouragement, and love.

discounts/deals now through Sept 15:

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