A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing a shop called Ruff Life. Ruff Life is a health conscious pet store. They believe that “the way to ensure a long life together is to feed your furry family member real food”. This is how they do just that: Ruff life starts by “thoroughly investigating the brands and products that [they] carry.” Ruff Life does “not sell any food or treats that contain wheat, corn or by-products.” They further “control the quality of products” with their decision not to “carry any food or treats made in China”. Ruff Life also provides “the highest quality toys, leashes and collars.” Their goal is to positively impact the Elmhurst (and Lombard- check out their second location!) community “by providing the highest quality product and service possible”.

I love this store because I have seen the difference the products they carry have made in my furry friend’s life. My dog Mia, is 11 years old and she is as happy, energetic and healthy as she was when we first adopted her as a puppy. Mia has had so many tummy, gum/teeth issues and problems with food. For years we tried various brands. A few years ago we discovered Ruff Life. The owner Chris, and his amazing staff helped us find the perfect soft food and treats for Mia. They took an interest in my dog and truly wanted to help us find what works for her little body. Mia absolutely loves going to the store to restock on food and treats. She loves checking out the new bones and toys they have and greeting the person working. 

What makes Ruff Life stand out from other pet stores is their dedication and investment in families that come to the shop. Ruff Life not only dedicates time to helping the animals with their dietary needs, but they remember customers. When I walk into the store, they already know what I need- grabbing the correct food for Mia, and ringing me up. It makes me so happy to see all of their smiling faces and know that they have invested and care about my dog, and her wellbeing as much as I do. 

Take a peek into the store!




Next time you’re in Elmhurst, I highly recommend checking out Ruff Life!

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