In case you are wondering, yes the website has changed a bit. Here’s the scoop on the latest update, new features, posts and more!

What’s new?

On the Homepage

  • New color scheme

  • New menu bar

  • Photography link

  • Spotlight categories

  • New popular and editor’s choice articles

  • Newsletter subscription

Menu Bar:

  • Currently loving showcases products I am currently using, love and will repurchase.

  • Categories is the command center for all articles. Here you will find all of the posts and themes.

  • The offering page highlights partnerships I have done in the past and ongoing ones. You can download my media kit and book my services.

  • Photography breaks down my pricing, shows photography related articles and includes session highlights.


  • Scroll to the bottom of the website to see the secondary navigation bar.

  • Submissions are now open for guest writers on the blog.

  • Here you are able to learn more about my coaching services.

  • The archive for all posts remains here.

  • There is also a disclaimer.

New Categories:

  • Blogging Tips + Tricks

  • Business

  • Crafts + DIY

  • Downloads + Printables
    (coming soon)

  • Holiday

  • Home + Decor

  • Weddings

  • Yoga

New Articles:

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