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Woman Alive Christian Magazine in the UK


Christians Must Hold Toxic Media Accountable When It Comes To Mental Health
Redefine ‘Blue Monday’
Do We Really Know What Grace Is?
Is It Ok To Use Other Peoples Prayers?
Feeling Lost? Here’s How To Get Closer To God In Prayer
Those Who Pray Together Stay Together
Do You Believe In The Power Of Prayer?
Do You Trust God For Your Future?

Global Leadership Summit 2020 Session Notes


GLS20 Session Notes
Vanessa Van Edwards: The Science Of Leadership- Impacting For Good
Michael Todd: The Pace Of Grace
Lysa Terkeheurst: The Most Surprising Hindrance To Innovation
Albert Tate: Leadership That Meets The Moment
Paula Faris: How To Lead Through Life’s Reset
Sadie Robertson Huff: Forces That Affect Your Influence
Dr. Thomas Chamorro- Premuzic: Six Traits Leaders Typically Lack During Crisis
Amy Edmondson: The Fearless Organization Demands Psychological Safety
Kaká: The Leadership Of A Legendary Athlete
Beth Comstock: Imagine It Forward
Marcus Buckingham: How The Best Leaders Build Resilience
Nona Jones: Safe Is Insufficient
Craig Groeschel: Leading Through The Dip
Bishop T.D. Jakes: The Metrics Of Migrative Leadership
Rory Vaden: How To Multiply Your Time


The Best Wine Glasses For Red and White Wine

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GLS19- Craig Groeschel- Bend the Curve

GLS19- Bozoma Saint John- One-on-One with Paula Faris

GLS19-Ben Sherwood- Leading and Succeeding in the Age of Disruption

GLS19- Liz Forkin Bohannon- Beginner’s Pluck

GLS19- Jason Dorsey- Generational Clues Uncovered

GLS19- Danielle Strickland- Leading Transformational Change

GLS19- DeVon Franklin- Your Difference is your Destiny

GLS19- Patrick Lencioni- What’s Your Motive?

GLS19- Chris Voss- One-on-One with Paula Faris

GLS19- Aja Brown- When Vision Overcomes

GLS19- Jia Jiang- Rejection Proof

GLS19- Todd Henry- Hearding Tigers

GLS19- Dr. Krish Kandiah- VIP Leadership

GLS19- Jo Saxton- Level Up Your Leadership

GLS19- Bear Grylls- Soul Fuel

GLS19- Craig Groeschel- Heart Over Head



Trauma Doesn’t Define You



GLS 18- Session Notes- Juliet Funt- The Upside of Simplicity

GLS18- Session Notes- Carla Harris Characteristics of a L.E.A.D.E.R.

GLS18- Session Notes- Sheila Heen- Navigating Difficult Conversations

GLS18- Session Notes- David Livermore- Driven By Difference

GLS18- Session Notes- Danielle Strickland- Better Together

GLS18- Session Notes- Dr. Nthabiseng Legoete- The Difficult Work of Pushing a Vision Forward

GLS18- Session Notes- Angela Ahrendts- One-on-One with John C. Maxwell

GLS19- Session Notes- Rasmus Ankersen- Hunger in Paradise



13 Songs To Listen To When You Need To Be Reminded Of God’s Love



Benefits Of Drinking Water

Ahimsa Celebrates 6 Years!

The Benefits Of Yoga

16 Motivational Yoga Quotes

Thoughts New Yogis Have

Our Responsibility To Others

10 Tips For Practicing Yoga Outside Of The Studio

Australian Writing Publication


Behind A Lens

Canadian Christian Woman Publication


Clothed In His Grace

Let Your Natural Beauty Shine

Modesty’s Misconception

The Odyssey College Publication


How To Survive Church Retreats: Leader Edition

17 Movie Releases in 2017

10 Things To Do Before Christmas | Part 2

10 Things To Do Before Christmas

10 Ways To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

Questions I Need Answered In The Gilmore Girls Revival

“The Girl On The Train” Movie Review

What To Binge Watch On Netflix