Macaila was contracted as part of the core team to develop “A Good Walk: Mapping Out the Current Landscape of Sustainability, Ethics and Good Business in Jersey”. Commissioned by The Jersey Good Business Charter (“The Charter’)—an initiative that highlights, celebrates and encourages the contribution of businesses in Jersey to building a better community and a better world— Macaila assisted in publishing The Charter’s first report.

Project Brief

To assist in the administrative communications and marketing tasks for the development and publication of the report. When onboarded, there was no deadline, strategy, or indication for how the project would be developed. Macaila was able to organize the team, set key dates and milestones, to streamline the process for production.

Communications & Marketing

To begin, alongside the designer, Macaila assisted in the development of the survey. She write a rigorous question set about ethics and the environment which was sent out island-wide. As the data was collected, Macaila shifted gears, developing the strategy, and outlining the deliverables, deadlines, assets, and connections for a successful launch. Additional branding and marketing updates were made to the website, newsletter, and social media channels.

  • Was the lead copywriter for the campaign announcing the Island-wide initiative for the report.
  • Launched the digital-campaign encouraging Islanders to take the survey.
  • Created and identified terminology and a social media soft campaign for development pre-launch to introduce The Charter as a leader and reliable source.
  • Researched and compiled good news stories for the newsletter segment.
  • Branded the email and templated the branding for future newsletters/announcements.

Unique to the project

Macaila noticed the island’s artist influence and commissioned local Poet, Martha McDonald to write four original poems for the report. The process was able to integrate a “reading break” between large topics and ideas while driving home the research in a lighter, comedic approach.