Liz Earle: Our leaders should do more to prioritise women’s health

Published by Woman Alive, the U.K.’s leading Christian magazine for women, Macaila Britton interviewed Liz Earle on the connectedness of women’s health, advocacy, and the Church.

Known for her successful skincare and beauty brand, Liz Earle has been writing about health and wellbeing for 35 years and says she aligned her career with what transpired in her own life. “In the early days, I had very bad skin. I had a lot of problems with eczema and skin sensitivity, so that was my real focus. From there, I had my children. I talked about healthy pregnancy, baby foods, postnatal health. When I went into business I continued with my health and beauty writing. Going through my late 40s, experiencing my own hormonal changes, by the time menopause hit in my 50s, I kept thinking: ‘Why is there no information about this?’”

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