Macaila Britton signs a contract with Books & Such Literary Agency for representation as a writer. Macaila is represented by Cynthia Ruchti.

Books & Such

Janet Kobobel Grant founded Books & Such Literary Management in 1996. From the onset, the agency broke new ground, being one of the first agencies to serve the Christian market—and the first agency for that market headed by a woman. The agency’s tagline, Distinguishing Literature, conveys the spirit of the group of six agents. We focus on high-quality writing and manuscripts that make important contributions to society’s ongoing conversation.

We give more than lip service to the idea that an agent’s work is not done when the contract is signed. Our engagement in the publishing process continues through each step of the way, including providing input on titles, cover designs, and marketing plans. For as long as the book remains in print, we remain engaged in its welfare.

Contact: Cynthia Ruchti