Macaila Britton writes for Woman Alive on the importance of perspective shiting.

The most depressing day of the year falls on… a Monday. No wonder! Today, the dreaded shadow of Blue Monday looms over us like a Groundhog that has just seen his shadow and knows six more weeks of cold, dreary winter is still ahead.

This year has already held more calamity following almost a full year of unease and devastation. The bitterness of a cold, dark winter, mixed with the depletion of funds following a potentially indulgent Christmas, the winding down of excitedly set New Year’s resolutions that have already fallen flat, and of course, Lockdown 3.0. At least we have one full day dedicated to the ongoing sadness without feeling bad about it, right? But what if this year, we forgo the norm of ‘Blue Monday’, and redefine the third Monday of January; associating it with God’s tranquility.

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