What is Operation Beautiful Nation?

Started in January 2017, #OperationBeautifulNation is social media campaign focused on bettering the community and those around us, while spreading love. Together we can change the world. There is never a wrong answer, age requirement, education level, occupation, gender, race, social status or anything else stopping us from achieving greatness and making our world a more safe and happier place to live.  I started this campaign because of how tired and aggravated I was of  complaining and hearing 


I want to speak out against injustice. I want to show people their voice does matter, and they have the power to change the world!
— Macaila Britton


others complain about what is going on around us, while waiting for someone else to fix it. Every month there is a new theme educating and raising awareness for social justice issues. Each Monday of the month a new challenged will be shared (on the blog and social media) talking more about the month’s theme. Through the challenges l post, it is my hope they will help make an impact in our world. Additionally, I have opened this part of my blog up to other writers, where they can speak their mind and showcase how we can change even the most difficult things. Change might not happen right away, or with the first try, but we can change the world.   If you would like to write, apply using the form below.


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You have a voice! Don’t let fear stop others from hearing what you have to say.

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