Social media plays a key role in business and brand development. It is useful for marketing and exposure. Unlike other marketing strategies, most of the marketing can be done for free! This can help take a small business from no sales to having over 6 figures in profit- when it is leveraged correctly.

The tricky part is social media can become overwhelming: trying to schedule, envision the layout of multiple platforms and then proceed to manage them. I know time is a luxury and we have to be able to make the most of it. These are ten tools making it easier to manage multiple social media platforms: saving you time while promoting your business.



1. Later

This app is free for up to 30 posts per month. Later allows you to schedule one month in advance and gives you the visual option so you can create a cohesive social feed. Everything can be given a time and date stamp and then the app will notify you when it is time to post. All you need to do is open the app and it will guide you through publishing your post.


2. Linktree

Also free! This app adds one link in your profile that you can connect to multiple platforms. See my Instagram for an example. This is a great tool to use for accounts who are consistently having to change the link in their profile. Now you can set up Linktree one time and never have to worry about changing your link again!



3. TweetDeck

A free app that is great for customizing your Twitter dashboard, managing one or multiple accounts and scheduling tweets. The dashboard also allows you to track brand specific hashtags and followers so that you will never miss an important tweet. Ready to schedule your Twitter for an entire month (or more) in one day? Head over to TweetDeck.



4. BoardBooster

Fantastic for looping pins and pinning to multiple group boards. You can set BoardBooster up once and never have to worry about it again! It will automatically loop and repin from the parameters that you set forth.


5. PinGroupie

Allows you to find Pinterest group boards. In case you don’t know what a group board is, it is just like it sounds, a board with multiple Pinterest accounts able  to pin to it. It can be great for getting your brand exposure because your pins to the group boards will be seen not just by your followers but by all the followers on the group board as well! I recommend joining 5-7 quality active group boards within your niche.


6. Tailwind 

Perfect for scheduling and organizing pins for your aesthetically pleasing Pinterest boards. Tailwind allows you to add a browser tool that you can use to schedule pins from any site you come across. I love being able to use this for when I find evergreen content that is specific to what my followers want to see.


Content Ideation/Creation:

7. Feedly

A daily “magazine” is created with all of the content you are interested in, allowing you stay up to date and informed.


8. Canva

Canva is a fantastic tool to use. It is built specifically for non graphic designers to create gorgeous and professional graphics. There are a variety of projects to start and choose from- resumes, social media banners, flyers and more. Plus, they have a ton of free templates.


Overall Scheduler:

9. Buffer (If you want paid)

Buffer shares your content at peak times across social media platforms. By posting at “peak” times, you are allowing people to see the content when a majority of your followers are online and actively engaged.


10. Hootsuite (Free)

The alternative to a paid for scheduling platform is Hootsuite. This is great for managing and keeping track of all social media platforms. You can also see what others are saying about you, your business or brand. The freed version does have limitations, but for most small business owners, it works well! Hootsuite of course also offers aid versions so if you ever feel like you need more room to grow, you can upgrade.


Do you have another app that keeps your social media organized? I would love for you to share it below!

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