Alright, I’ll admit it- I too have fallen prey to the TikTok/ Instagram Reels of fashionistas piecing together the perfect “what I’d wear to” outfit. While my favorites are the outrageous alternate universe stylings, I found myself approaching online shopping and my own closet thinking “I’d wear this if it wasn’t quarantine and I could go to…” Well, I was browsing lululemon online (seriously, someone ban this from my browser because I revert to this domain WAY too much) and thought it would be fun to take this trend and recreate it as a blog post with a fitness spin! I’ve put together a few outfits inspired by activities I want to resume or try out when it’s safe in the world again. I linked all the pieces if like me, you’ve fallen in love with the outfits and want to rock them on your next Zoom call/ power walk around the block.

The Outfits I’d Wear
If I Was Going To…

Hot Yoga


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Which is your favorite outfit? Comment below!

"What I'd Wear If I Was Going To..." Trend

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