This is my #BoobTruth.

Growing up I would see billboards of the Victoria’s Secret models around the mall, in magazines, and on tv. I would think of some variation along the lines of “woah they look so good”. As I write this, I’m sitting in my room feeling defeated. I just finished looking through a preview of photos that showcases the best of the best for how my body looks and also what I deem the worst. The last hour of digesting this look I’ve come to realize a few things. These realizations are both old and new. When lululemon reached out to me to take part in this campaign and review their new bras, I was over the moon. For a moment I thought “oh sh*t I wish I would have kept up with my workouts during quarantine” then, it just faded away because I remembered the truth of the lululemon community- and that truth isn’t an unrealistic body, but a real body. Sure, lululemon is notable for having “fit” models, but if you take a second to scroll the Instagram pages, browse the products online and look at the campaigns you see so much more. I wish I had that grown up. I remember as a teenager looking at the Victoria’s Secret ads and feeling sad that my body didn’t look as lean, defined, and feminine as theirs. The sports campaigns and workout bras were perfect. I didn’t look that way at the gym. Their boobs were so perky, round, and defined. Mine didn’t sit that way in the sports bras. For so many years I was conditioned to think my boobs weren’t good enough because they didn’t look like the models I was seeing. Sure there were the sports brands like Nike, Adidas, etc. with billboards showcasing women’s bras, but again I felt out of place and like I wasn’t seeing that authentic representation. Were my options “perfect boobs” or “superstar athlete” campaigns? What about the middle? The “I’m not coordinate enough for sports but love yoga” advertisements?

I used to have so much anxiety around bra shopping because:

1) I was being fed unrealistic expectations of what my boobs should look like.

2) There weren’t any bras for my sized chest/ my needs.

3) My boobs hurt no matter which bras I tried.


I remember in the 5th grade our school took a field trip to learn about puberty aka the day every 10 year old dreaded. The boys and girls were separated into two groups and broke off to learn about how the coming years would change us. Looking back, I wish we would have spent time on how to care for our boobs. While learning about that time of the month is important and the cycles of growing breasts, it would have been handy as a pre-teen to understand what taking care of my boobs would look like in multiple aspects. As women, we’re trained to pay attention to our boobs and perform regular self-examinations. But, I believe taking care of boobs consists of so much more than that check. Taking care of them is equipping ourselves with the right bras- both in the day-to-day (if chosen to sport one) and also the right active bra. I didn’t know that my boobs weren’t supposed to feel the way they did when I was active, until I accidentally discovered what I call my “boob- fitness normalcy”. I wrote this lululemon Enlite bra review and shared how “a few girlfriends and I were at the gym and talking about how our boobs just HURT during workouts and how absolutely fed up we are with the sports bra selection. The three of us have different chest sizes and hearing how they are struggling too was absolutely refreshing yet utterly frustrating. I thought I was the only one on this multi-year struggle bus”.

As I was prepping for this campaign and thinking about what I know now about bras and fitness nearly a year after the last post, I began to think about the other newfound truths surrounding this and noticed that I keep coming back to these points when I talk about bras- more specifically, why I only shop and recommend the lululemon bras. lululemon reached out to me to share the new bras they have created for ladies with a larger chest/ those wanting maximum support. I jumped on the opportunity to take part in their bra campaign and to explore new bras for my cup size. If you read this article on the Enlite bra review, you’ll know that I currently rotate between various colors within that style and mentioned wanting to venture out to try the other maximum support options. Since the review last year, lululemon has released more colors, styles, and price points which is fabulous!

sports bra 101

how to tell if you’re wearing the wrong bra

A quick and easy way to see if your bra fits correctly is by checking the following things:

  • Does it sit comfortably around you? Can you slip two fingers underneath it and trace the circumference of the bra? If not, it’s probably too tight. If there is more loose fabric and you can fit more than two fingers, it’s probably too loose.

  • Are there strap marks or a bra outline when you take it off? This is a sign it’s too tight (unless you fell asleep in the sun and have a tan line- in that case, you’re okay!)

  • Is there a dip in the middle of the bra, in-between your breasts? If there is, or if there’s a little pouch with excess fabric, your bra is probably too small.

  • If you can barely wiggle your boobs in place and have to hold your breath to fasten the buckle/ clip in, your bra is probably too tight.

  • If your straps are sliding down while standing/ during activities and you’ve tightened it as far as it can go, your bra is probably too big.

  • If you can’t loosen the straps anymore and you need to, your bra is probably too small.

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it’s okay to change bras— here’s when to do it

It’s important to understand and accept that your boobs change. It’s nothing you are or aren’t doing- it’s a part of life- especially for those actively loosing weight. Check in every 6 months to 1 year and honestly evaluate if you need a new bra. Look at the intensity of the workouts, the steps, etc. Also, every year (at least) make it a point to purchase new bras. While the lululemon bras last, they will wear out like all things do. Make sure you’re taking care of the girls by refreshing your bra selection to ensure the material supporting them is fresh and not worn out from all the workouts. For those who have/ plan on loosing more than 5-10 pounds, check in more regularly to make sure the width of the bra lays properly since your waist will shrink.

the best bra for your workout

It depends on the activity level. Even if you have a smaller chest, it is of the utmost importance to protect your boobs. I see so many girls justify wearing a paper thin, non-supportive bra when they run and justifying it by saying “I don’t need support. I have a small chest.” This, in my opinion, is dangerous thinking! We ALL need support. The pectoral muscles need to be properly cared for and a way to ensure this is by having a supportive bra. The amount of support may vary based on chest size, but a proper supporting bra is a must!

more enlite bra styles:

how to find the best sports bra for you

Identify what activities you will be performing in your sports bra. If you plan on light yoga, you might not need the same level of support as someone who is running will be looking for. I highly recommend taking a moment to do the lululemon bra quiz (it’s free) or virtually connect with a lululemon store educator . These options allow for you to better understand your #boobtruth.

the ultimate #boobtruth

  • Your boobs should never hurt when working out.

  • You should never feel like your bra is cutting off your oxygen source and making you short of breath.

  • Your boobs shouldn’t bounce around while running (this can actually cause tears and damage the muscle!)

  • You should be able to feel your bra but not have it distracting from activity (i.e. itching, stabbing, moving, etc.)

  • You should feel lifted, supported, and comfortable moving in your bra.

  • You should never have to worry about your boobs moving in your bra or falling out if you turn a certain way.

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how to clean your

lululemon bras:

Each bra comes with washing and drying instructions on the tag, however, this is how I have found to best care for my bras.

  1. Place in a washable, mesh bra bag on a gentle, cold cycle with like-colors.

  2. DO NOT DRY! Remove the bras from the bag and place them on a drying rack (or a towel) to dry flat. I make sure to buckle/ zip/clasp what is needed and form my cups so the shape holds.

  3. When the bra is 100% dry, I place them in my dresser. I found that not folding the bras in half, but displaying them as if they were in a bra store, with the bras stacked behind each other, best hold the cup shapes and add to a longer bra-life.

Thank you, lululemon, for sponsoring this post!

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