I was looking through the archives on my blog and stumbled across this “get to know me” style article. I read it and couldn’t stop smiling about the things I listed years ago and what I felt important to communicate. I’m grateful to have my blog because it’s like a diary, except I won’t forget it at a coffee shop (although I did accidentally leave my laptop there one time… but, that’s a story for another time). I was reading the 20 facts and after cringing, I realized how many of the points have developed within the last few years— especially my point on wanting to become an author. I recently signed with a Literary Agency (read about that here) and have a pending contract for a social justice book series. Even writing those words sent chills down my spine and brought tears to my eyes. Lately my internal struggle and monologs has been of the sorts that I’m “not good enough” and my fear of becoming bad or corrupt over time, has escalated with each big career decision I make. I know, dramatic, but this is me. I wanted to update the list with more heart and to reflect the stage of life I’m currently in, but I didn’t want to erase the version of myself I was when I sat down to publish the post in 2017.

22 Facts About Me:

  1. I’m currently in my Taylor Swift year (22… yes, I listen to the song daily. No, I won’t grow tired of it.)

  2. I’m a HUGE Taylor Swift fan… but, you probably figured that out by my first fun fact. My first CD I purchased was her Fearless Platinum Edition and I remember saving up my money for what seemed like a lifetime. I was so proud to go to Target and buy that and then pack it in my schoolbag along with my portable CD player and headphones to listen to the next day on my way to school.

  3. I have a senior rescue dog (12) named Ollivander (Harry Potter) and his nickname has somehow morphed to “Vandy”. Honestly, no idea how this happened. My bestie, Rachel, will probably be able to pinpoint the exact moment this came about.

  4. I love movies. Seriously, I binge watch movies like it’s my job. I love diving into storylines and watching these characters develop and journey though “life”. There’s something so vulnerable, encouraging, magical, and fantastical about the silver screen.

  5. I’m a traumatic brain injury survivor and 3 years post-injury. While I’m incredibly blessed to be where I am today, I still experience daily setback and I am still trying to navigate my life post-injury with these newfound limitations. I’ll be sharing more of my journey on the blog and in the IG community I crated. Click here to sign up for my newsletter when I share TBI content.

  6. I love people. People to me are walking books. Everyone has a story and I love listening to the tales someone has to share. I find so much virtue and wisdom in speaking with others— from strangers to mentors and everyone in between. We can all learn a lot from each other and feel more united if we take the time to stop and invest in another human. One thing I’m loving about the pandemic is how I’m able to still connect with people. I’ve started an interview series (coming spring 2021!) which has given me the opportunity to virtually connect with people and learn about their life and what makes them, them.

  7. I’ve been diving deep into spiritual dream interpretation lately. God has been appearing in my dreams and speaking wisdom over me. The first time this happened I was so shocked and didn’t really know how to process this because I thought he was showing up because I royally screwed up with something (I didn’t). My friend Mike shared how he approaches understanding his God dreams when they happen and since February 2020, I’ve been slowly uncovering new layers of that “debut dream”, along with slowing down and trying to become more aware of how God is placing signs/ people/ references in my dreams. In fact, one person in particular has appeared in my dreams for 7.5 months in a row. I found it so odd because we hadn’t spoken in nearly a decade (school mates) and there that person was waving to me as I was waling down the street in my dream. I thought it was so odd. This exchange happened a few times a month and in the most mundane ways. Low and behold, I ended up connecting with this person on social media and we had a virtual catch up, which was so sweet! I’ve learned sometimes God nudes us in the most unexpected ways.

  8. I’m adventurous despite not having a ton of stamps in my passport or accolades for exploration/ wilderness life. My spirit is adventurous in the sense where I’m genuinely okay with change and welcome it (so long as I have coffee, first).

  9. I’ve decided 2021 will be the year I continue to step outside of my comfort zone and say “yes” (responsibly and reasonably) to adventure. I’ve made it a goal to learn how to be more outdoors-y. I feel the most connected to God when I’m listening to music and when I’m in nature. I’ve always wanted to spend more time in His creation and explore the wonders of Earth, but I’ve never made time to. 2020 showed me that I truly made time for what I wanted to and half of the things in my life weren’t what I wanted to pursue. And so, this spring I’m going to (COVID compliant) spend some time in nature and learn those skills.

  10. Injustice breaks my heart. I used to feel so angry with God that I felt so deeply about people’s suffering I had never met, until as I grew older, realized this is such a precious gift. I now praise God for being sensitive to other’s struggle and for a heart that is equipped to care for loved ones and strangers alike.

  11. Weightlifting is my jam. I love it so much. Hip thrusts are my favorite and (pre-covid) I was living close to 400lbs! I’m turning a corner of basement into a home gym so I can lift heavy again and get that PR back. I noticed after my injury it really helped me with my focus, sensory issues, and work though anxiety.

  12. I don’t think ugly Christmas sweaters are ugly. I’m that 1% who adores them and buys them all when they hit the shelves. This year I bought enough to wear a new one every day in December, next year… oops! My favorite one is red and white striped with bows. I feel like a candy cane in it! (see here).

  13. I accidentally became a Pinterest influencer and to date, have 11 million monthly viewers. Funny story, I’m slightly (teeny tiny bit) competitive and I was challenged by someone to see who could gain the most Pinterest views in 30 days. I, of course, accepted this challenge and accidentally crushed it. I started pinning like 50 posts a day and spending way too much time talking to people and starting boards on crafts I want to do, travel destinations, fashion favorites, and how I would decorate various houses if I had multiple scattered around the globe. Well, now it is what it is and has TOTALLY become my favorite platform. There’s no drama in the comment section and everyone always shares such fun, creative, and knowledgeable posts. I’m always encouraged and learning something when I’m on Pinterest. It doesn’t feel like “social media’“ in the sense of needing to keep up with so and so. I can just be me and browse what I like without having to worry about engagement rate or weird sugar daddy DM’s coming through.

  14. My first concert was Ally & AJ. Yes, I still know all the words to their songs. They’re deeply embedded into my memory.

  15. I am the founder of Potter & Clay, an online multi-generational women’s ministry! I’m so excited about this (one of my quarantine projects) and I can’t wait to see how The Lord uses myself, who He brings onto the team, and
    how we reach women and young girls.

  16. Pasta. I love it (gluten-free, because #wheatprobs) so much and honestly can’t survive without it. I despise cooking except pasta somehow manages to penetrate through the misery cooking brings me and replaces it with utter joy. Another 2021 goal is to learn how to make it homemade!

  17. I may be addicted to The Hallmark Channel (okay, 100%). The movies are so fun, lighthearted, and emotional. I just— they’re amazing. Binge watch these!

  18. I rearrange the house every 3-6 months. I like to keep things fresh and change my surroundings with the season.

  19. Sunsets are my favorite. I love how the deep colors bleed into each other and how the sky welcomes the night.

  20. I’m really good at speaking in groups/ settings with a lot of people, but it terrifies me. I much prefer one-on-one or small group settings.

  21. For a year I had Chipotle like 3-5 times a week. Now… not so much. I’m still on hiatus with no plans to return, sorry ‘potle.

  22. There’s this tiny island called Jersey, 15 miles from the coast of France, calling me to relocate. 2020 brought me closer to the people there and helped me find a community, despite being thousands of miles away. My goal these next few years, Lord willing, is to work incredibly hard so I can move there and live the island life.

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