Start with the basics

Identify your technology

Assess your devices

Examine if you are truly utilizing and if you need all of the devices you currently have. Wipe old phone, computers, etc. and donate/ dispose of them properly.

Clean each device

cellphone detox

Go through each app and delete unused ones

backup your CAMERA ROLL and remove from device

then permanently delete the images in the deleted folder for extra space

update any apps, iOS or other settings

Backup notes and start fresh

Update all in-app information

Turn off unwanted notifications

Delete old alarms

Download any apps you need/ want but haven’t gotten around to

Delete old calendars and import current up to date ones

Block and delete any unwanted or old contacts

Clean out your text history

Make sure all mobile payment/ wallet options are current

Delete any/ all old reminders or task lists

backup and transfer or delete unwanted and old Voice Memos

Delete old or unwanted podcasts, audiobooks, or other audio downloads, etc.

Close all unused browser tabs

Set social media usage limits

Tablet/ Computer Detox

Make sure all software is up to date

Go through each app and delete unused ones

backup your CAMERA ROLL and remove from device

Transfer files to a hard drive or cloud-like storage

Empty the trash

Make sure your calendar is up to date

turn off old or unwanted notifications or auto- updates

Clear cache/ cookies

Close all the unused tabs

Go through your browser’s bookmark tab and delete anything old or unused

Sanitize your screen, keyboard, plus other accessories and work surface

Photo:    Styled Avenue

Photo: Styled Avenue

don’t forget to sanitize your devices, daily!

how to detox your email inbox

Go Through each email

unsubscribe to every single email you do not open regularly

How to go through your emails

  1. Start from the oldest and work your way to the current emails.

  2. Unsubscribe as you go.

  3. Create Tags and Folders

  4. Utilize The Star Feature

  5. Reply and “close” as you go

tips to maintain your inbox

As new emails come in, stay on top of them. It’s as simple as these suggestions!

Unsubscribe on the spot

Don’t let your email build up again. You’re most likely NOT going to go back and re-read that email later… not matter what you tell yourself.

Reply when you open. If you can’t reply, mark “unread” so the email isn’t lost

Try different organization methods

Utilize the built in inbox folders and tags, try third party platforms such as the Trello integration , or a CRM software.

utilize the star feature strategically

Decide how you want to determine “important” emails. Are they ones needing reply? Ongoing projects/ communication? Find what works for you and stick to it.

Take 5 minutes a day (or at least on work days) to tidy up your inbox

Most of the time it won’t take this long, as long as you keep up regularly with them and your own organization. Unless you receive million of emails daily, this should be a piece of cake!

Photo: @emmamatthews

Photo: @emmamatthews

how to-do a social media detox:

Just like the digital detox, in order to do a social media detox, you don’t need to go off the grid or give up your platforms for a week. These are tips to clean your social channels and feel refreshed when you’re online.

  1. Assess the platforms you’re on

    Do you like them all? Do you use them all? Which can you delete? For me That’s Snapchat and Facebook. If I’m on FB, it’s for work- I just don’t utilize that personally, and that’s okay! Find what you like and who cares about the rest!

  2. Go through the accounts you follow

    Take this time to examine who you have in your life online. Be honest with yourself and make sure the people coming up on your feed have earned that “follow” endorsement from you. Your online life, still impacts your day to day life- despite wanting to admit it. Each social platform is an extension (to whichever degree we choose) of our life. This is our space to share our best moments, document life, and reflect on in the years to come. Social media is essentially our digital scrapbook. Unfollow people and business who you no longer support or talk to. Unfollow people who are toxic sharers- those who post things you don’t believe in or agree with because they may be rude or offensive. Unfollow people who just don’t interest you. Unfollow people who do not bring you joy, happiness, and positivity. If you can’t unfollow people because you think it may cause drama, mute the account- they will never know.. and if they ask why you’re not seeing their post you can casually mention Instagram’s new algorithm.

  3. examine your posts

    Archive or delete any Instagram posts of people no longer in your life, things you do not want to see or be reminded of, etc. Delete posts that you think are outdated, could be offensive, or those you have outgrown. Make sure your profiles are an honest reflection of who you are and make you feel proud to show the people you love, along with new people who may enter your life.

  4. Clean Out Your DM’s

    When was the last time you checked your phone or device’s storage? Take a peek right now to see how much storage your social media platforms- and your favorites ones for that matter, are taking up. Now, I bet a good amount of that is due to your messages. Start fresh and clear out your inbox. Delete old chats and start fresh- then, pop back over and see the new space you have. Not only is this making room for other apps or new photos/ videos, but this is a great way to feel mentally organized and hit that “refresh” button.

  5. Be strategic

    Now that you’ve made the time to unfollow and deep clean your account, main this! As you’re using your platforms adding friends and following accounts, think to yourself “is this beneficial to me?” before adding or accepting this account into your online world. Be picky about who is in your life- both in person and online. Make sure the people you are surrounding yourself are of likemind and growth oriented. Sure no one is perfect, but that’s not what life is about. Who cares if your favorite account doesn’t have an “aesthetic”, the point is to surround yourself with accounts and profiles that aren’t vampires- draining your energy when you log onto your platforms.

How to cleanup your social media and technology for the detox

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