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This year one of my favorite fall trends is the long vest. I think it is so chic and there are infinite ways to wear them. Depending on the style, long vests can be dressed up or down therefore becoming a transitional piece and a fall essential. I styled my vest in a more casual way. I wanted an outfit that was comfortable while I was walking around the Downtown Naperville area. I also needed an outfit that reflected the weather. In Chicago it’s chilly one day then warm the next. I feel like I’m constantly taking out my fall coat then putting it away- I never know how warm to dress these days. I opted for ripped blue jeans, and a patterned everyday blouse, while adding a choker and my vintage earrings to tie this look together. 


By tucking the blouse in, my outfit appears more put together while giving off slight 90’s vibes. I selected mid rise blue jeans to compliment my figure. Sometimes high waisted or low rise jeans make me appear shorter than I am. I was also cautious about not highlighting my jeans for this outfit and having two statement pieces clashing with each other. The focus would have been on the high waisted jeans rather than the vest, if I had paired them with this outfit. Plus, I’m not the biggest fan of low rise jeans. I wanted to wear my vintage earrings and based the other accessories off of those. The photo above shows a closer up photo of my hat earrings. 


The accessories I chose are more simple. A longer necklace was too busy with the pattern shirt I choose. The choker was the perfect touch to add a little something extra to the outfit without overpowering the blouse and taking away from the pattern. The birds on my blouse are black, which is why I decided on wearing the black choker. I also needed sunglasses- it was so sunny! The gold matches the middle piece of the earrings and was perfect for keeping the rays out of my eyes. 




Macaila’s Fashion Tip: If you struggle with having a gap in blouses around the chest area, take a safety pin and pin the area that is gaping. This is much easier than adding a button to the blouse- especially if you aren’t sure how to do so. Plus, the safety pin is barely recognizable and blends in with the top.

Blouse- H&M
Jeans- Target
Vest- White House Black Market
Sunglasses- Francesca’s
Earrings- Vintage
Bag- Target
Thank you, Abigail for the helping me with photos <3

Stay tuned for part two of how I style this vest! 


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