Are you one of those people who eat ice cream all year round? Who shiver in 10 degree weather with snow falling and a trembling hand trying to warm up as “one more spoonful” of ice cream turns into half the carton? I’m that person. Ice cream has always been my #1- that was until I discovered gelato. I remember when I was younger trying this dessert for the first time and instantly falling in love. It was like ice cream but better, which I never thought could be possible. As much as I love gelato, I’m not a fan of all kinds. Some brands carried at local grocery stores can taste rather bland. Here’s where Frost comes in. I was SO excited to find out I live close to a place that sells tasty (and allergy friendly) gelato/ sorbet- talk about a win!

Pictured:  Johnny Bertuca  (left) and  Macaila Britton  (right).

Pictured: Johnny Bertuca (left) and Macaila Britton (right).

For those unfamiliar with gelato, let me give you the scoop (get it?)! As the Frost website says: “the stories surrounding the creation of gelatos and sorbets throughout history have been sparse and vague. However, one thing seems apparent: every story ends in Italy”. Well, this one does too. Italy Magazine tells us gelato and sorbet was discovered nearly “12,000 years” ago- talk about ancient! Previously using “up to 100 kilometers to collect ice” and snow, mesopotamians would use it to cool drinks (specifically those of royal descent and religious ceremonies). The 11th century Arabs later discovered something called “shrb“, a “sugar syrup” used as a “base for making fruit sorbets, medical herbs, spices and flowers”. Gelato became famous when the 1686 “Café Le Procope” opened in Paris after “Cosimo Ruggieri, who is credited with creating the first gelato flavor” presented it to the Medici family (known for banking, politics and later becoming a royal house), in Florence. 


Did you know before Cosimo opened the cafe, gelato (and sorbet) was only accessible to the wealthy? The ice and salts needed were too expensive for a “commoner” to purchase. 

Model Johnny Bertuca & Blogger Macaila Britton

Americans debuted the automatic ice cream machine, popularizing ice cream and gelato production and popularity even more. By the 1950’s gelato was know for the “flagship”, “Made in Italy”. 


A doctor in the 19th century, Filippo Baldini, composed a written treatise (work dealing formally and systematically with a subject.) stating gelato and sorbets are actually good for the mind and body! His exact words were ” it is important to point out that sorbet can fortify the body and exhilarate the spirit“. Read the original Italian documentation here

coffee bar, Naperville

Did you know there is a Gelato Museum? It was inaugurated in Italy, September 2012. 

Frost Gelato, Naperville


Frost was born when two travelers were overheating and on the hunt for something to cool them off. Stumbling upon what they later discovered to be gelato, they were astounded by the rich, creamy consistency of the cold dessert asking “is this ice cream”? From that day on, the two made it a priority to taste the “finest gelato” for the remainder of their stay in Italy. When they arrived back to the U.S. they decided to take the plunge and open “Frost A Gelato Shoppe”. These two were so determined to replicate authentic Italian gelato, they enrolled in “Gelato University” where countless hours were spent studying, creating and perfecting recipes. 

Gelato in Naperville

In addition to gelato, Frost offers sorbet which is a delectable dairy free, gluten free, peanut free option for those with allergies. Their sorbet is created using purified water and “true natural ingredients”. They’re “fat free” too, which is a bonus! 

Frost Gelato Naperville

Did you know Gelato is considered healthier than ice cream? Gelato has 3-8% milk fat whereas traditional ice cream contains about 10-17%.

Gelato Sample

Sampling the Cheesecake gelato flavor.

Johnny Bertuca

Traditionally, the gelato in Sicily is served in a brioche bun

Nashville Model Johnny Bertuca

Johnny Bertuca, Model

Sorbet pictured: Blackberry Cabernet

Forst Gelato Employee


My gelato of choice: Marble Black Cherry

Mini Gelato Cones

GeLatte Winter Drink

What the heck is a ‘GeLatte”? I asked the same thing. A GeLatte is probably the most amazing, satisfying, energy boosting and sweet spot hitting drink. Tasting like a milkshake, the GeLatte is a gelato mixed with a shot of espresso. Johnny and I sampled the peppermint flavor. I’m not sure what was cuter: the display sign or the tiny straws!

Frost Gelato's "Gelatte"

Coffee Bar, Naperville Illinois

I also learned Frost has a multitude of coffee options available year round. I’m not the biggest fan of coffee, but I enjoy a nice cup of Joe every now and then. Frost is the perfect place to sit and enjoy your drink. The “shoppe” is less busy than Starbucks and is a nice change of pace from being intertwined in everyone’s constant hustle and bustle.  


This next drink surprised me. I had no idea this could be created yet alone taste so wonderful! The “Sorbettini” is customizable and ideal for those who like ordering something new and playing around with flavor combinations. 

Chicago Blogger Macaila Britton

For this drink, order: the strawberry & champaign and peach sorbet. P.S. the straws change color with the temperature.

Gelato Cake

Frost has frozen gelato cakes available for birthday’s, holiday’s and other special occasions. I guaranteed you’ll be the talk of the town if you show up with this dessert!

Macaila Britton Chicagoland Writer and Photographer

Thank you for having us, Frost Gelato Naperville! 

Gelato in Chicago

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