In- The Shower:

Before I wash my hair I put it up and in a shower cap to prevent the hot water from damaging my hair. I like warmer showers and know the temperature isn’t the best for my strands, so this is my way of meeting in the middle. Once I’m finished, I take the cap off and begin my hair routine.


I concentrate the product on my scalp and not the mid to ends of my hair as I read this isn’t the best and can strip the hair of natural oils.

What I’m Using: Innersense Organic Beauty Pure Harmony Hairbath shampoo.


I lightly wring out my hair and apply my conditions from the tips to mid-length (think where you would secure a ponytail)

What I’m Using: Innersense Organic Beauty Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner

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Post- Shower:

1) Lightly Put Your Hair Up

I use a soft t-shirt instead of a towel because this is more gentle on my strands. I make sure the extra water is removed so my hair can soak up the following products I will apply and dry faster.

2) Leave- In Conditioner

Leave in conditioner is a must for my hair. I’ve experimented and this and gel are vital to my hair looking and feeling good. While my hair is pretty neutral in the sense it is neither dry nor oily, leave- in conditioners help to strengthen and soften my locks, while also helping to combat environmental issues that dry it out. A lot of the conditioners I’ve tried end up being too heavy for my hair as they’re thick or on the opposite hand, too oily and make my hair look greasy. My mom recommended this Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner for me which sparked my newfound love of Innersense Organic Beauty, and it works fabulously for me- it’s neither too thick or too oily and does the job.

3) Volumizer

In this instance I’m referring to volume as more width versus height. I have more naturally volumized hair in the crown but my strands fall rather flat and oftentimes I find myself thinking I look like I have dog ears instead of cute and fun waves or curls. I don’t like how heavy or flat they lay. SO, I use a volumizer and focus it mostly on the middle parts of my hair instead of the roots/ crown. A little of the I Create Volume products goes a long way for me and helps me to prime my hair for the curls I want to look full and voluminous.

4) Non-crunchy curly hair gel

Gel is my hair’s one true love. Without this product my hair is a hot mess. I battle for balance of two curl patters- the left side of my hair is naturally more curly and takes the shape of more ringlets/ finger waves. The right side of my hair falls more loosely like waves with a few odd straight pieces. The I Create Hold Styling Gel helps me to manually shape my curls without a product that leaves my hair sticky or crunchy.

air drying routine:

  • For my day to day look/ regular life I skip blowdrying and ditch all hot tools. I absolutely hate taking the time to style my hair because it consumes so much time and I don’t have the patience or passion for it. SO, after I put the gel in, I arrange my curls into the shape I want them to lay and go about my business, accepting the fate of my curls as they dry.

Blowdrying routine:

  • On the days I have events or photoshoots and need to be dressed to the nines, I will blow-dry my hair to cut drying time and to make sure my curls are more evenly formed. I use a diffuser on the end of my blowdryer and flip my head to scrunch and blow dry my hair upside down. I find this helps me evenly dry the layers underneath instead of continually blasting the top layer with heat. Also this helps my hair maintain volume. I have shorter hair at the moment so my drying time is about 10 minutes.

5) Reapply gel

I reapply a pea-sized amount of gel in my hand with a few droplets of water to reform any curls that look wonky and use the remaining product in my hand to calm any crazy fly aways or strands.

6) Environmental Protection

Evolve Beauty is my go-to skincare brand and it is absolutely transformed my sensitive skin. They have a hair product that is a game changer for me and saves my hair in this crazy midwestern weather. No matter the season I finish off my look by applying a TEENY TINY (seriously a little goes a long way) amount of the Nourishing Hair Elixir. This product helps to smooth my fly aways, keep my hair from not frizzing throughout the day or when I step outside. This product is like hairspray on crack! No matter the hair style or hair type, this elixir provides a protective barrier between hair and the environment so the pollution and heat/ humidity don’t alter the hairstyle that has taken an eternity to perfect.

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