Not all jerky is created equal.

What’s Whole 30 approved, certified gluten-free, non-GMO, all- natural, filled with 9 grams of protein and tasty? Well, CHOMPS of course! CHOMPS followed me on Instagram a few weeks ago and when I saw the notification I knew the name sounded familiar. As soon as I clicked on their profile, it all came together- these are the tasty snacks I’ve heard wonderful things about and have seen at the grocery store. I immediately followed back and messaged them to set up a collaboration. Diving into their website and researching their products was making me crave their snacks! The CHOMPS team kindly accepted my partnership request and went a step farther to sponsor Midwest Strength + Performance’s goodie bags for the one year anniversary party. To say the guys and I were excited to try CHOMPS and have the members chomp on this snack post- workout, would be an understatement.

CHOMPS was founded on the love Pete Maldonado has for jerky, which started as a child. Growing up Pete would munch on the “gas station” snack and soon realized the ingredients and nutrition facts are far from satisfactory. Appalled by artificial flavoring, nitrates, and preservatives, Pete set out on a journey to create the ideal beef snack stick. I am proud to say Pete has achieved his goal- CHOMPS is the snack I am craving and reaching for these days. I support CHOMPS because of the nutrition but enjoy CHOMPS because of the taste and incomparable flavor.

Who Is CHOMPS For? Everyone!


Parents + kids

Fitness Enthusiasts

Busy professionals

Ingredient-Conscious Individuals

Environmentally-Conscious Consumers

Those with Celiacs/ Gluten Intolerance

People Avoiding GMOs, Soy, and Dairy

The guys at the gym love CHOMPS, too. Not only are these tasty snacks good for you, but they’re trainer approved, too!



If you have not tried CHOMPS, let me tell you- you’re missing out! The next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up CHOMPS and let me know which of the six flavors is your favorite. Find chomps in the isles of your local Target, Trader Joe’s, 7 Eleven, Fresh Thyme, Meijer, and more!

Shoutout to Phil for being my model. Thank you for lending a hand with this post… literally!
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