If you’ve been keeping up with me on social media, you’ll know about the events I’ve been to. It seems like there’s something new and exciting every month! Many of you have asked if I share the events I’m attending (that are open to the public), so you can come as well. Today I’m going to share with you the events I have in my calendar, and I am incredibly excited for! I also added an “Events” tab in the top navigation bar, so if you have questions about which events I will be at, this is a great resource/ place to check. I will be sure to keep this section of the website regularly updates so you can stay in the loop. With that being said, let me know which events you choose to come to- I can’t wait to see you there! 🙂 


Upcoming Events near chicago:

burn + brunch | august 19th

This is a FREE event hosted by Sauté + Rosé and Midwest Strength + Performance. Come for class and stay for brunch! MSP trainers will take us through a fun bodyweight workout, suitable for all fitness levels.

viking ninja white belt prep course | August 24th

This combo course will provide you with a strong base line for the Viking Ninja training system and basis for bodyweight movements. Bodyweight basics will be taught and demonstrated with an extraordinary amount of intent and structure. Creating a foundation. All Viking Ninja movements and methods stem from bodyweight. Learn technique and cues on beginner VKNJA movements (Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull). Participants will learn technique, cues and corrections for VKNJA bodyweight training basics.

viking ninja steel mace prep cource | August 25th

During this course you will learn about the method behind the Viking Ninja Training System. You will learn how to channel your inner “warrior spirit” and safely challenge new ranges of motion by using concepts learning during the Bodyweight pre course and apply them to Steel Mace exercises.

Viking Ninja Training Steel Mace Master Coaches, Erik “Esik” Melland and TJ Lawson, will prepare you on your journey into the Viking Ninja Training System. They will lay your Steel Mace groundwork for you while they challenge you mentally and physically for the duration of the course.

NOTE: You must have taken the Bodyweight Prep Course. If you have not taken the Bodyweight prep course please contact Zane Roebuck on how to schedule a private course or attend an event at another location in order to be able to participate in this Steel Mace prep course. Contact: Zane@vknja.com or DM him on Instagram.


steel mace yoga | September 15th

Steel Mace Yoga is a mixture of static poses and dynamic movement synchronized to breath using both bodyweight and steel mace. It builds full body strength, tones and sculpts, increases flexibility, and improves balance. The moment challenges rotational ranges and creates greater range of motion by carving out tension using closed chain activation and radiation with the Steel Mace. It also creates mental focus, connecting body and mind together through synchronizing breath and movement. Very similar to martial arts or moving meditation.

With a passion for fitness training she became the Onnit Academy Steel Mace Senior Coach and an Onnit Academy Durability Coach in 2016. Training next to Onnit Academy’s Master Coach and founder of Viking Ninja Training, Erik “Esik” Melland, Erin has gained skills in steel mace, bodyweight training, boxing and many nontraditional martial arts. Erin created and development the first ever Steel Mace Yoga curriculum in 2017 combining her two passions and continues to evolve with it. Dedicating herself to yoga, fitness, the evolution of self and spiritual awareness she seeks to bring these concepts to every class.

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