We are in the middle of an awakening. While 2020 is challenging, this year is bringing to light many of the issues we as a society have swept under the rug. Black lives are receiving the long overdue recognition and I want to use my platform to showcase Black owned/ founded companies. I’ve noticed a TON in the women’s fashion/beauty/wellness industry and wanted to expand my toolbox of ones geared towards men/ those appealing to multiple lifestyles- so, I’ve enlisted my trusty men’s content specialist, Phil, to help me bring this idea to life. What frustrated me was how much research Phil and I had to do to find these companies. It is my hope as we enter this new era, that we are able to instantaneously name Black owned companies as easily we can identify and share those owned/ founded by whites. As I learn about more Black owned businesses, I will edit this list.

3 Black Owned Businesses To Support:

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I would love to include them, as well!

360 Soles

360 Soles is company specializing in the reselling of sneakers. The founder writes this on the homepage, sharing the why behind the brand- “shoes will forever be a part of me; they are in my bones, my heart, my soul. The smell of the leather, the feel of a new set of laces, and the pristine stitching attracted me instantly, and it has somehow never gone away. You might say I’m completely obsessed, and though my wife might disagree, I still consider it healthy. This website is quite literally a combination of my blood, sweat, and tears, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, creating it”. 

Photo: 360 Soles

Photo: 360 Soles

Hebru Brantley

Collectors of his work include LeBron James, Jay-Z and Beyonce, and more!

“Hebru Brantley creates narrative-driven work revolving around his conceptualized iconic characters which are utilized to address complex ideas around nostalgia, the mental psyche, power, and hope. The color palettes, pop-art motifs, and characters themselves create accessibility around Brantley’s layered and multifaceted beliefs. Majorly influenced by the South Side of Chicago’s Afro Cobra movement in the 1960s and 70s, Brantley uses the lineage of mural and graffiti work as a frame to explore his inquiries. Brantley applies a plethora of mediums from oil, acrylic, watercolor and spray paint to non-traditional mediums such as coffee and tea. Brantley’s work challenges the traditional view of the hero or protagonist and his work insists on a contemporary and distinct narrative that shapes and impacts the viewer’s gaze. Recognized internationally, Hebru Brantley has exhibited in Chicago, Hong Kong, London, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York including Art Basel Switzerland, Art Basel Miami, Scope NYC, and Frieze London.” 

More For Men:

Tempus Now (formerly Paskho)

Tempus- Now is a brand created by the South- African designer, Ora Fine, who set out to fuse the African influences and elements into clothing designs. I love this article/ interview where Ora shares more about the brand and the behind the scenes for the “sustainably minded design studio with a focus on product development and ethical manufacturing”.

Black owned businesses to support

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