Earlier this summer I published an article with notes from a guy’s perspective on 3 golf polos you won’t find on the shelves at a local sporting goods store- click here to read it! Well, Phil is back and sharing his notes on the Rhoback Quarter Zip. The past three months were spent testing, analyzing, and compiling notes on the Rhoback Q-Zips performance and manufacturing. Keep reading for a recap of the pros, cons, and other mentions. Rhoback describes these pieces as “moisture wicking and comfortable. With a four-way stretch and premier sport fit, don’t expect this q-zip to constrict any type of swing, throw, or handshake… designed to transition seamlessly from one activity to the next, whether it be golf, tennis, traveling, or just to keep you from becoming “chilly”. [Rhoback] is confident [the] top of the line q-zips will fit your lifestyle like they do [theirs].”

Notes From A Guy’s Perspective:

The Rhoback Quarter Zips range from Small to 3XL and run slightly smaller than their polo sizing. The fabric allows for the material to stretch and move with the body not causing friction or tension in any areas or feel uncomfortable with natural rotation. Not to mention the zippier quality is impeccable and made to last. Most often, buttons, zippers, etc. come across as a brand’s last thought. The Rhoback zippers run smoothly without snagging on the inseams or misalignment of the teeth. This is a staple in any guy’s wardrobe- especially golfers/ more active men. The Q-Zip is versatile, designed for both on and off the tee- great for on the course, and in the clubhouse or at dinner following a round.

St. Andrews Golf Rage in West Chicago, IL


  •  Fabric is soft against the skin

  • Light and comfy

  • Moves with the body very easily

  • Collar holds shape during sporting activity (golf specifically)

  • Easy care

Best Golf Quarter Zips for Golfers and Active Men


  • Tight on forearms when “rolled up”

  • Runs a little small

Rhoback Q-Zip Performance Pull Over

suggested Pairing:

Style the polos under the Q-Zips for maximum style and efficiency.

Phil’s choice: the performance pullover

Men's Golf Apparel Online Brand Review

Tested during:

  • A round of golf

  • The driving range

  • Happy hour

  • Day- to day events

Men's Golf Lookbook


  • 54% polyester

  • 32% nylon

  • 14% spandex

  • Self-collar keeping shape and preventing the “bacon collar”

  • Moisture-wicking performance fabric

  • Sun protection (Excellent – UPF 40-50+)

  • Tagless

Golf Driving Range Outfit Ideas For Men


Size up in the Q-Zips. As mentioned earlier they run slightly smaller than other Rhoback items. If you’re a medium in the polos, try a large in the Q- Zips.

Caring for the q-zip:

Safe for machine washing and drying. The brand recommends washing the Q-zips on cold followed by tumble drying. After washing and drying, the q-zips have maintained shape and have not shrunk during the process. With specific washing or drying questions/ concerns please reach out to Rhoback directly and their team will be able to answer and address those for you!

Macaila’s choice: the performance pullover


What Men Can Wear Golfing and On The Driving Range


Rhoback Q- Zip- The Fog Horn

Rhoback Q- Zip- The Rooster

Rhoback Short Sleeve Polo- The Navy Yard

Rhoback Short Sleeve Polo- The Crimson

Rhoback Short Sleeve Polo- The Cabana Boy

Rhoback Hat- The Poly in Navy Blue

Golfing Guide For Men and What To Wear On and Off The Tee This Season


5/5 stars. Overall this is a great piece and a recommended staple for any man’s wardrobe. Pro tip: start with the basic Q-Zip colors and then purchase any seasonal colors to add a variety of color to the wardrobe. The basic colors of white, black, grey, navy blue, work well for any wardrobe. Recommended Rhoback Q-Zips for first time purchasers or those looking to replace or spruce up their style are The Fog Horn, The Smitty, The Admiral, The Direwolf, and The Betsy Ross.

P.S. Going through a breakup?

Rhoback has #TheBreakupShirt and wants to send you or a buddy a FREE performance polo. Click here to learn more about the breakup initiative and how they turn heartache into a celebration.

Rhoback Men's Golf and Active Apparel Quarterzip Review

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