In July I went live on Instagram with Evolve Beauty, a UK based skincare brand focused on producing natural products for every skincare type. Laura, the founder, and I discussed our summer skincare essentials and the change occurring in our skin as the seasons change. I thought it would be fun and also helpful to breakdown my specific nighty routine for acne prone and sensitive skin using all- natural products.

I shared in the live how my skin has always been a struggle for me. I’m incredibly thankful to have found something these last few years that works for me and routines I can change up to meet my skincare needs. When I was a teenager I suffered from terrible acne. I still have breakouts but those are more “normal”, occurring around that time of the month, if I forget to wash makeup off (or don’t do a great job at removing it), if I workout without washing my face after, or if it’s incredibly hot making my skin produce more oils than usual. I also have a few food related skin sensitivities so I avoid gluten, dairy, and peanuts.

My 10- Step Natural Skin Care Routine:

Evolve Beauty UK Skincare routine for sensitive, combination, and acne prone skin

Step 1 | Remove Makeup

Using: Gentle Cleansing Melt £22

I have to admit, I am striving to do better using this product. I love it but have been rather lazy using this. I know the double cleanse works for my skin and really helps keep my acne at bay but I’ve slacked during quarantine and have opted for the single wash some nights I’ve worn makeup… and woken up to spots (not so lovely). Now, I’m listening to my skin more and taking the extra 10-30 seconds (seriously, it’s not a lot) to nurture my skin and care for it the best I can.

Key Ingredients-

  • Baobab

  • Vanilla

Step 2| Cleanse

Using: Daily Detox Face Wash £16

I use this product because it targets my combination skin yet is gentle enough for any active breakouts.

Key Ingredients-

  • Goji

  • Moringa Peptides

Step 3 | Toner

Using: Liquid Radiance Glycolic Toner £19-20

This is my favorite product. I’ve noticed a difference in the feeling of my skin- I mean this more than how it feels to the touch, but rather the texture of my face. I don’t feel like my skin is tight or oily after washing and I noticed this toner helps to balance my skin while also acting as a checking point for myself to make sure I am cleansing the best with my products. I use a cotton pad and gently swipe this over my face (avoiding my eyes and lips), neck, and chest. I check the cotton round/ pad before moving onto the next section to see if there is any makeup residue. This helps me to also be aware of what makeup products may not be as beneficial for my skin (i.e. waterproof formulas) based on if there is any product remaining after two cleanses and toner application.

Key Ingredients-

  • Willow Bark

  • Fruit AHAs 

  • Galactoarabinan

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Step 4| Essence

Using: Beautycounter countertime mineral boost hydrating essence $59

This is one of the only non- Evolve products I have in my skincare routine (including both day and night) and it is also the most expensive. Do I think it’s worth the $59- yes and no- here’s my dilemma: this is thinly essence I have tried that does not make me sneeze or breakout further. I truly notice a difference when I include this product in my skincare routine. The essence helps my skin better absorb the products I am putting on for treatment purposes and maximizes the healing/ product penetration time when I am asleep, so I wakeup with better skin. I do think $59 is expensive considering this product doesn’t last as long as I would like it to and it does expire (like everything else in our beauty drawers). If Evolve comes out with Essence, I will 100% switch and use that pending my skin likes the formula. I prefer the Evolve price point and size of products compared to Beautycounter and other skincare brands.

Key Ingredients-

  • Retinatural Complex

  • Sea Water

  • Fermented Sugars (Biosaccharide Gum-1)

Step 5 | Eye Treatment

Using: Hyaluronic Acid Eye Gel Complex £13.60

I have pretty sensitive under eyes and also milia. Traditional eye creams/ formulas do not work to nourish and treat the skin in this zone, so I split this into two steps:

  1. Eye treatment (this one)

  2. Nourishment/ hydration (next one)

I use the eye treatment to target the milia and sensitivity issues under my eyes, which will help to remedy those issues while acting as a primer/ base for the second step.

Key Ingredients-

  • Tuberose Plant Cells

  • Hyaluronic Acid

  • Organic Cucumber Extract 

I'm going live (date TBA)  with @evolvebeautyuk to talk about all things skincare and to learn more about the science behind why their brand seems to be the only products my skin likes. ⁠⠀
✨Leave your comments/ topics in the comment or DM them to me so we can answer your skin/science questions!⁠⠀
I've noticed an incredible difference in my skin the last two years since switching to their products and really appreciate how this brand grows with me as my skincare needs change. ⁠

Step 6 | Eye Cream

Using: 360 Eye and Lip Contour £26

Step two in my eye care routine is this. To ensure my eyes are not just being treated and I am not drying my skin out (this area is incredibly delicate on our face), I make sure to follow up with a proper hydration step. Most underage creams are too thick for me, resulting in more clogged pores under the eyes and producing more milia (gross, I know!), so I am relieved to have this middle ground which is hydrating and a cream feel without being thick and sitting on the skin- it truly melts in. I have tried oils in the past and find I have the same result of clogging the pores under here or leaving a rash/ itching this area of the face.

Key Ingredients-

  • Probiotic Blend:

  • Sacha Inchi Peptides

  • Hyaluronic Acid

Step 7 | Acne Treatment

Using: Blemish Rescue Serum £22

My skin is going through a rough breakout cycle again. Hormonal acne + seasonal changes = horrible time right now. In May I purchased this product and have integrated it into my routine. This is currently the only targeted acne product (tabled specifically for acne) that I am using and really enjoy it! I’ve used everything under the sun, in the past, from medical grade topical creams to drug store and natural remedies. Thankfully my adult acne isn’t as horrible as it was when I was a teen, but still, it’s enough to make me think twice when I look at my skin in the mirror. I’ve noticed the active breakouts go away faster with this serum treatment and my acne scars are fading slightly. I don’t think they’ll lighten up more than what they unexpectedly have with this serum because they are so many years old- but, that’s not really a bother to me as they don’t show unless you look closer when I have no makeup on. I have also noticed less blackheads around my T-zone since using this treatment.

Key Ingredients-

  • Willow Bark

  • Amazonian blend of Acai and Copaiba

Step 8 | Serum

Using: Organic Hyaluronic Acid Serum 200 £30

This is my absolute favorite, most precious, can’t live without face product and I will never not use this. When I die, burry me with this. Seriously- it’s THAT good.

January 2018 I reached out to Evolve to send a trial size of this product for review and once I used the entirety of the bottle I immediately went online to repurchase and stocked up. Since then I have not used any other serums or gone without it in my day or night routine. My skin has completely transformed with this one product. This was the product that helped me identify my skincare needs and understand what my skin is communicating with me. I have such sensitive skin to the point where I can’t go outside without the pollution/ allergens irritating it and turning my face bright pink/ red, making me look like Bob the Tomato from Veggietales. Since using this product my face has toned down on how harshly the skin reacts to environmental factors and has calmed down to a more soft pink tone when leaving the house without makeup (still something I try not to do because I get so itchy- I use a light BB cream or the Climate Veil Tinted SPF).

I’ve noticed my skin is less dull, more firm and balanced over the years of using this. I also noticed that using this one product, allows for my skin to adhere to makeup better, making it look less caked on and more natural and not dry/cracked.

PRO TIP: Apply this on flights/ long travel journeys for a mid journey skin refresh. This is my favorite when I’m in air because of how dry the environment is- this is the boost of nourishment my skin craves at that altitude.

Key Ingredients-

  • Hyaluronic Acid

  • Pomegranate Extract

Step 9: Lip treatment

Using: Alba Botanica Un-Petroleum

I use this as an alternative to Aquaphor or Vaseline. I love how moisturized my lips feel when I wake up!

Key Ingredients-

  • Coconut Oil

  • Beeswax

  • Vitamin E

Step 10: Jade Roller

Using: Jade Facial Roller

Grab any jade roller from target/amazon/ a store near you and it will do the job! In February I hosted my annual charity Galentine’s Day even and the main speaker/ partner of the night shared the importance of facial massaging, draining the lymphatic system, and the added bonus of how the jade roller helps all skincare products sink into the skin. Since learning more about this and understanding the proper way to Jade Roll, I’ve been hooked! Plus, I carry a lot of stress in my jaw (apparently I clench during the day??) and this helps me to be mindful of my muscles no matter how large, small or often I think about them.

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