Hi Friends,

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far. How has it been almost a month since Christmas??! What I find to be even more flabbergasting is how fast this month has really flown by. Lately I’ve had some time to think and then re -think about this year and what I would like to accomplish. For me, my favorite part of the new year is to set goals for myself. I thought I would share with you some of the goals I have for the blog and together we can see the progress as each goal is accomplished.

1. Blog About Something New

This goal seems pretty simple and straightforward, yeah?  Well…maybe it’s not as simple as it sounds. My goal for this year is to discover something different and start blogging about it. There are many things that i have yet to discover in the world and I’m hoping at least one of those things will prove to be worth blogging and reading about. Perhaps, a new series?

2. Take a Photography Class

For me, I’m a visual person. I enjoy reading blogs because of the photos bloggers include. My intentions for taking a photography class, is to obtain as much new information as my brain can possibly hold. I want to learn new skills that I can apply to the blog and make my posts overall more captivating and original for you, my readers. 

3. Partnerships

I have been working and talking with a few companies lately. My goal is to find a company that I 100% support and like their products. It is very important for me to work with a brand that I feel comfortable recommending.

4. Schedule

As much as I love posting whenever I feel the blogging bug bite, I want to have a more systematic approach for the blog. Based on feedback from you guys, in addition to my schedule, I think it will be beneficial to set up a once a  week, biweekly or once a month type thing.

***More info will be given on the schedule. ***

5. Vocabulary

I don’t think it will ever be too late for one to expand their vocabulary. You can never learn too many words- or learn too much of anything for that matter. Seeing as this is a new year, I thought now is the time. Now is when I can spruce up my vocabulary. I downloaded a few apps and decided to give them a whirl. Who knew learning one new word a day, would prove to be this beneficial. I’m looking forward to the next 11 months worth of new words. 

6. Play Around with Photoshop

I admit, I haven’t used Photoshop as often as I would have liked too. I think I used it a whopping one time (go me!).  I think Photoshop has a lot of cool features that I can learn how to use, in order to create new headers, collages, etc..

7. Collaborations

Frequently I have come across bloggers who teamed up with friends/ bloggers who write about the same topics as they do, to create new content for both of their readers. I think it would be fun and something new to have a guest writer on the blog and experience something different. 

8. Become More Active in the Blogging World

This year I would like to venture out and find some new (maybe up and coming??) bloggers to follow. I’m not going to limit myself to one specific blogging type by categorizing my favorite blog to be, by searching for a “beauty” or “lifestyle” focused blog. We will see where the wind takes me…

9. Change Up My Blog Design

Don’t freak out!!!  I love my blog, I just think that there is always room for improvement. When I say I want to switch things up a bit, I don’t mean completely changing the way the blog looks or the content. I am aware of the fact that my blog is liked due to the content and the exterior of it. I’m grateful that my readers are enjoying my work and my thoughts about life, beauty products and everything in between. I’m thinking I can incorporate some new colors or something to give the blog a bit more pizzazz!

10. Find New Inspiration

This year I plan on becoming more open to inspiration- easier said than done. I would like to take a different approach this year; try new things, meet new people, explore the world. You know, those kind of things. Inspiration is everywhere. It’s all around us. We just have to be willing to accept it. Who knows, maybe the thing that I’m putting off is what I’ve been looking for. *Cue the High School Musical Song*It’s nice to every once and awhile step outside your comfort zone. I think it is way too easy for someone to become comfortable in their little bubble and stop trying new things. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being comfortable, but every now and then it’s nice to have a bit of adventure.


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