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Earlier this evening the York Garden Club and I were invited to a local restaurant, Cafe Amano, for a tour of the kitchen and dinner. The Chef at Café Amano, Chef Marco, received a variety of tomatoes, kale and other various vegetation from us. To show his gratitude he invited the Garden Club to his restaurant for a meal containing the homegrown goodies we sent his way. The food Chef Marco and his staff prepared for us was delicious! Just when I thought that the food could not get better, the next course was placed in front of us. Next time you are in Downtown Elmhurst, I highly recommend stopping into Café Amano for a bite to eat.

Best restaurants in Elmhurst, IL

Tuscan Bread and Tomato Salad

This Scrumptious Salad Was Prepared with Our Tomatoes and Parsley.

Italian restaurants in DuPage County, Illinois

Penne Pasta

Incorporated Into the Delicious Pasta Dish are the Tomatoes and Kale We Grew.

Healthy restaurants west of the city in Elmhurst, IL

Beet salad and chicken dish

Chicken San Sebastian

Served with Chef Marco’s Chicken and Sweet Potato Hash, are York Garden Club’s Beets and Miniature Stuffed Green Bell Peppers.

My Favorite Part of the Night Was the Vanilla Bean Gelato.


Thank you to Chef Marco and his staff at Café Amano for preparing our food and for being kind enough to show us around your kitchen. 


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