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This post is a bit different from my usual ones. I was inspired to write this based upon a recent life event. This morning while I was biking to school I was hit by a car.

Thankfully I am okay. My bike on the other hand, not so much. As a result of a distracted driver, the front of my bike is unaligned making it difficult to steer and ride. The right side of my handle bar is noticeably lower than the right due to the impact of the car door; In addition, the front and right side of my bike are lined with scratches and skid marks from rubbing against the car.

I bet you’re thinking, okay Macaila, but what exactly happened? I’ll tell you; I was halfway through the crosswalk when the little black car came flying around the corner. I slammed on my brakes in attempt to stop, as the car was making zero efforts to. I turned my bike to the left in attempt to not be in front of the speeding car. As I was dong so, I placed both of my legs on the ground to further help me stop. The right side of my bike as well as the right side of my knee hit the car. If I didn’t turn my bike I would have been hit full on and would have gone up and over the car. At this point I was pretty shaken up. If you had heard the horrid noise that resulted in the car and my bike colliding, you would have been as shaken up as I was. The driver as well as the passenger made no attempt to see if I was alright after they hit me. There were quite a few vile words thrown my way, before the driver sped away. By the time I turned my bike back around and caught my breath, the driver was gone. Leaving me with no time to get his information.

The point of me writing about this is not for you to pity me. The point is for you to learn from this story. I could clearly tell that the driver was in a rush and was running late. No matter how in a hurry you may be, I STRONGLY encourage you to take a deep breath and accept the fact that you will be late. Ask yourself this: Is it more important to get to your destination in one piece and a few minutes late, or injuring yourself/ others in attempt to arriving at your destination. I don’t know about you, but option two doesn’t sound so hot. I can not stress this enough to you; getting from point A to point B SAFELY is the most important thing. The texts and phone calls can wait. When you are behind the wheel, driving should be the ONLY thing on your mind. If you do happen to hit someone or another vehicle, please do the right thing by exchanging information and asking if the other person is alright. No matter who’s fault it is, asking if the other person is alright shows nobility and maturity. Driving can be hard and scary. If you do your best to abide by the rules, then everything will be alright. I’m not saying that you will never be involved in an accident. What I’m saying is, if you are involved in one, don’t flee the scene. Yes, it is a crime, but it will make you and the other person/ people involved feel bad.

To the driver that hit me,
I’m not mad. I understand that you didn’t intend on hitting me. You were in a rush. However, I am disappointed. Neither you or your passenger bothered to ask me if I was alright. I was rattled to my core. However shaken up/ scared you felt, I was at least 10 times more frightened.

Remember: Put your phone away, clear your mind and take your time when you are behind the wheel.

XoXo, Macaila

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